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Berkey water filters
I wonder how the Berkey  compares to the (cheaper) Sawyer ?
Ken in Anaheim
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what I like about the Berkey is the stainless containers. highdesertranger
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I've read the reviews about berkeys,there are a lot of complaints about quality, and this i don't get, their not legal for sale in CA, whats up with that? for what its worth i believe katadin sells a model that i haven't read any bad reviews about, its called the base camp, i don't own either, but thats what I've read.
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I read about the CA directive and why Berkey wasn't participating:

We used both the types of Berkey in the past and saw no adverse effects. I see the Berkey as a tried and true product.
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I've had a Berkey for about 5 years and I love it.  Berkey probably refused to pay the right people in Ca.
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I've been looking at one of these as a way to avoid the water kiosks in the desert sw. Good read!

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