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Dometic CC-40US
I'd like to know more about the Waeco compressor. I believe it is a Danfoss/secop clone, but am not sure. It appears very similar in pictures.

The Danfoss bd35f is variable speed, 2000 to 3500 rpm, and at 3500 rpm can power a fairly large fridge upto 5.5 cubic feet if I remember correctly.

Powering a 50 liter/ 1.8 cubic foot fridge at 2500 rpm might be considered a bit overkill. My Vitrifrigo 51 liter front loader came with a resistor on the thermostat circuit to run it at 2500 rpm, but I removed it so it runs at the minimum 2000 rpm, for less amp draw but slightly longer run times when the compressor does fire up. It is rare than mine exceeds a 25% duty cycle.

The slowest speed which can maintain a less than 50% duty cycle is most efficient, but higher speeds will cool down items placed within faster.

So the BD35f might be considered overkill for a small fridge as it is capable of powering a larger fridge at higher rpms. I kind of think of it like a good diesel engine pushing a lightweight vehicle that rarely needs to go fast or gets loaded down.
The potential is there, but unneeded.

Especially when the condenser is well ventilated and there is extra insulation.

So are they deciding that these smaller fridges are runnign a larger more capable compressor than really needed, and have backed off on the compressor capability/size and lowered the price? Perhaps. I dont't know but it sounds reasonable.
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DLTooley (07-14-2017)
I want to build a custom very well insulated compartment and fit the electronics and compressor guts, optimizing venting etc for efficiency.

The many "marine" kits designed for this seem pricier than the finished fridges at the low end, even Engels nowadays.

Anyone know how practical it would be to cannibalize a built unit for the parts?

What would be the advantage of paying a lot more for a kit?
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(07-10-2017, 10:43 AM)KathyC Wrote: Awesome!  I ended up getting the Dometic CFX40 because they had a special at Overland Expo and they threw in the insulated cover.  So far, it's fantastic as a fridge.  I'll report back on power consumption in the real world once we put it to some tougher tests.

It is 7/13/2017 Just after 3 pm UPS dropped my new fridge freezer off. I got it in the house before any rain. YET to open the box to test her out I need to empty my car out and reload it with just my stuff in it and see exactly what I need to tote with me. Next time I got to the RTR I should have a pop up changing tent a fridge freezer. No coffee habit switched to tea and that is a lot easier to deal with than coffee. I had to go to the coffee shop each am at the Loves truck stop. That is where I got to do the doo then I emptied my pee jug. Better than soiling the desert granted it was a wet year but you go to Primm Nevada and take a deep breath it will choke you out. There and Jackson ville FL truck stops. I never understood why truckers would pee where they sleep makes no sense.

In short GOT MY FRIDGE ORDERED IT on the 10th got it on the 13th.
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(placed on July 10, 2017 9:16:12 AM MST)
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They were quick to get the freezer to me I have it sitting in the living room did not bother to take the wrapper off. Got a generator in the extra room never powered it up sure hope it works when we need it. I have my reason for not powering the genny I did not want to get it juiced up with gas then have it sit or have to run it so many times a year. So I figured just keep it in there when we have a disaster I can grab the generator put it in the tow camper that way we can establish camp N of here and will be able to restart our life a little quicker. I am not the live on the road full time type I want to have a reason for leaving my grid tied paradise. Some would look at this place and say paradise? Well it is grid tied? I was trucking and it was not grid tied. I know what it means to be off grid and in the truck I got paid for that now that I have grid tied life I want to drink it up. I had the diesel power good battery bank and powerful alternator but It is a hell of a life when you run about 500 miles a day a day being 8 sleep 10 running.

Not sure if I will give a review of the freezer I know I will use it by the time I vacation in Fl next year. I might take it out the box and plug it in the Prius V so next time we go get groceries we can take our time returning home. Depending on the fuse I might seek to hook it directly to the battery?
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