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Fishing license
     We were considering fishing as a possible meat supplement to offset our budget, but I checked out the visitor fishing license for California and it's $143 for non residents.  This has left me frustrated.... I could buy packs of frozen fish over several months for $143... How in the world is that cost justified?  I had the same choice with clams when I was in Washington... instead of the $160 they wanted, I went and bought a nice meal of them at a local establishment for 1/10 the the cost of hunting and cooking them myself. This is absurd.
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i totally agree,completely ridiculous prices,the best option is to hit the docks and you can get a yelloweye,seabass and such pretty cheap right out of the ocean,freezing fish just kills the meat but its unavoidable
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I think the states have decided to use wildlife as a revenue source.When me and Vic left Mt,a non resident elk license was over $1000.Hell,a person can buy a lot of prime beef for $1000.
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I think they want to discourage non-residents so there will be more for residents.

That makes sense to me, if there is a limited amount, shouldn't it go to the people who live and pay taxes there?

In CA, most of those fish are stocked and the locals pay for it with their taxes. Hi fees for non-residents jut let them pay some of their fair share of the cost of raising those fish. I've watched the fish and game guys in the Sierras park their truck on a bridge and use a net to dip them out of the tank and drop them over the side because there was no other way to get to the river. Cost a lot of money to do that weekly.

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did you all know that part of the gas tax in CA goes to Fish and Game. it's supposed to go to road maintenance. in Ca it's all about revenue wherever they can get money they will. highdesertranger
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In some states if you have a disability or handicap you can apply for a fishing license at no cost thru the Game Warden/Fish and Game division of your state of residence...I believe they are only good in the state where you live.  I needed a statement from a AL a few years back to get mine. 

 I'm not sure whither or not a Federal Senior or Access pass includes fishing along with no entrance fees and reduced camping fees on federal lands.

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