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Ford E450 Box Truck RV Conversion
Wanted to start a build thread to keep progress pictures in one place...will start with re-posting of original pics/info:

Just completed the purchase of my new (to me) Ford E450 7.3 Diesel with 130K for $10k, which includes all the tools in the truck.

It runs awesome...biggest surprise is how nicely it drives, especially over rough roads'n'bumps. I often drive a Ford E350 for work and really don't like driving it because it feels so stiff and uncomfortable played a big part in what took me so long to convince myself that I could be happy with a box truck as a platform.

So I have no idea why or what's different, but this E450 rides better than my Express 2500 by a long shot. Fair to say it's still early, haven't driven it much at all, etc, but I'm really feeling pretty positive about it.

Next on my favorite list is the side door...I've never seen a sliding pocket door on a box truck and now that the whole deal is settling in, it's going from "oh nice, it has a door" to "damn, that's really a sweet setup!" Pics below...I'll include one with me in it to give a better feel for size/scale...I'm 5'9

[Image: 1_zpshdnncx2c.jpg]
[Image: 6_zpsw4razf0l.jpg]
[Image: 2_zpsybpaxjnm.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160528_110117_zpso2nrkiyk.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160528_110057_zpszv9dbrg6.jpg]
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Removal of steel shelving system was FAR more involved than expected.  These were designed to withstand heavy commercial use and took hours just to disassemble the driver's side. Actually not even done...the panel still standing is through bolted from top with 3/4" space between wheel well, and below they go through a I-beam, tight to suspension, and hidden under the fuel fill lines. I had enough of setting vice grips above then crawling under to wrench'em free for today...

[Image: 7_zpsonogjhmb.jpg][Image: IMG_20160530_142659_zpszebui4hc.jpg][Image: IMG_20160530_121508_zps4roa5ynl.jpg]
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GotSmart (05-31-2016)
Next I started taking down the pegboard. I had an idea that would go's just pegboard. Wrong.

This upfitter does serious quality work...the pegboard is screwed off to hurricane standards. Already removed a zillion screws, and the adhesive caulk is no joke...beware the person who thinks 220 lbs will yank the caulking apart. Yes, it eventually snaps...with the recoil of a broken bungee cord. I have a welt to show for it. So slow utility knifing is necessary...

BUT!  Guess what I found underneath?  Spray foam!  Big Grin

Guess this is a generic box used for refer trucks too...big win! Only half the ceiling is transparent is foamed with walls.

[Image: IMG_20160530_163809_zps6h02a6z6.jpg]
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I cannot tell you how envious I am...I am itching to build another one and that is the perfect base for it. A few pics of mine live here:
"Never become good at things you don't like to do"
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BradKW (05-30-2016)
And final progress today was creating a pass-thru to cab. By the way, the AC in this truck seriously cranks...never had a vehicle even close. If your wet with sweat, it turns your cloths cold like you walked down the freezer aisle.  After I opened cab up I found that the AC will actually cool down the box even with vents open...quite surprising.

[Image: IMG_20160529_145547_zpss5sif0j5.jpg][Image: IMG_20160530_163744_zpse007upqu.jpg]
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And might as well post the solar panels I bought last week... Suniva Monocrystal 24v 325 watt, x3 so 975 watts total.

[Image: IMG_20160523_184152_zpsb0nheqrc.jpg]
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speedhighway46 (05-31-2016)
nice, you didn't waste anytime. highdesertranger
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BradKW (05-31-2016)
Fantastiiiiic!!!! (In my best Arnold voice)
2015 GMC Savannah 2500 van, 480 watts of Solar Panels--and a wonderful furry best friend named Cody. I'm out to change the world!
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BradKW (05-31-2016)
Brad: Great pics; keep em coming . . . and thanks!
Speed Gray, K8SG
Grand Rapids, MI

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The following 1 user says Thank You to speedhighway46 for this post:
BradKW (05-31-2016)
Big Grin 
Excited for you! Keep the pictures coming!
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BradKW (05-31-2016)

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