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Freeze-Dried Food For Sale
I bought a bunch of freeze-dried food a few years ago for SHTF.  I cannot possibly take it all with me.  Is anyone interested in buying some cheap, I guess, or can you give me any ideas besides renting a storage unit?  Thanks.
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What brands, kind of food etc?
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prices, brand names, type of meals, and where it needs to be shipped from(appox). highdesertranger
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If it's cheap, I'm in the market. Let me know what you have and how much. I'm near 95076 for shipping.
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How old is it? How much is 'a bunch'?

What brands, selections, etc?

Are you willing to sell a case or two?

Or do we have to buy in one-ton quantities?

Just let us know...

Live to Ride, Ride to Eat.

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Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I am trying to go thru my things to sell and donate. They are in the armoire and needed to get them out as they are stored inside about 72 degrees F. Bought 2012 and 2013. Twenty year shelf life. I also wanted to weigh one to see the weight. in a bucket it is about 17 pounds. I checked the postal website and maybe 59 dollars to mail???! that seems outrageous, so this might not work at all unless you know of a cheaper way to ship. One bucket is 200 servings and is Old mill inn Morningside's. Sealed in Mylar pouches. I believe it is Food for Health original company. I have other things too in separate buckets/boxes but don't have time right now to go thru inventory. I only have time to post this from one of the unopened buckets. (BTW, the weight show 15.8 pounds but that is without the bucket? I could mail in a box instead) Tuscan butter noodles 20 srvngs, Cheese brocolli rice 20 sv, potato soup 25 sv, Italian tomato pasta 20 sv, Vegitable barley soup 20 sv, Creamy vegetable rice 25 sv, Whey milk 35 sv, Brown sugar oatmeal 35 sv. Total is 40 convenient pouches you just add boiling water to. (Vegetarian)

it will be from Los Angeles. Please let me know if you need more info and please be patient
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BradKW (06-22-2017)
hey I am in the OC we don't need no shipping. PM me with specifics and price. highdesertranger
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XFILE36 (06-22-2017)
HDR, Thanks and I will pm you. If you don't want them all, I will continuing posting on this thread for anyone else in the area.
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I still have food AND large buckets (6 or 7 gallon?) of firestarter. You can cook with the firestarter all by itself or add it to start fires. It is biodegradable and in small pieces (I can post the name if anyone is interested.) Due to the shipping costs, I don't think I can ship anything unless anyone knows of a cheap way to do it, so it would have to be local.
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