Homeless at a crossroads of decision
(07-18-2017, 09:10 PM)Steve1950 Wrote: I have put in so many applications...... over20.... with the same "you know there's a 6 month to a year waiting list don't you?". Very disheartening. I am on the verge of just saying the heck with it and  turn the key and go. But day by day I am waiting it out till August 4th.

If it's possible, check with HUD properties in smaller, outlying cities. Many of these have Tax Credit apt. complexes that set aside 1 or 2 apts. for homeless (which you will be). It varies by locale, but if you can get one of these, for the first 2 years you pay very little rent at first. It does go up every 6 mos. but if you can get a PT job, very manageable. After 2 years, you are then up on the Sect. 8 waiting list and get a voucher. In the big cities or in 'touristy' areas (like Ft.Collins or Durango,CO) it's much harder to get a place.

Check with non-profits that may know of this type of program, and not just with the local housing authority.
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The ones I have applied to are mostly on the outside of the city like you suggested. They are HUD assist. The rent is 30% of income. Which includes electric for most apartments. Not a bad deal really. But I am not sure that I want to live in one of these.
 I am a pretty active guy and can't see myself rotting away in them. I have to stay active. I am not sure that once I get in there that I won't just slow down and age very quickly. It's kinda scary for me. I have no problem admitting that. Plus I don't want to be totally alone, which is what will happen if I move into one of these places.
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Well, I'm the same age as you and have been living in a HUD over-55 complex but have stayed pretty active the past 2 years though, driving a wheelchair van and volunteering at a non-profit. But after staying put for a while, I'm ready to hit the road again. I'll be heading to SD in Sept. in my old Dodge van and I'm shopping for a cargo trailer to convert. Then it will be down to NM and/or AZ and maybe the Slabs again.
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In regards to residence requirements for SD.  I don't know.  I've moved up there twice, each time purchasing an inexpensive house.  I'll call around up there tomorrow and see what I can find out.  I'm pretty sure some members here use SD as their state of residence.

I went up in July of 1986 and bought the 1st place.  When I went back a year later I had my 1969 Ford truck, my 14 year old son and his 1st motorcycle and a flat bed trailer.  We both got DL's  & registered everything with out a problem that I can remember. We stayed 3wks.  I don't remember if we recieved the DLs before returning to TX or if they were forwarded to us

  Everything was way cheaper in SD!  My house only cost $2,500, no down, no interest and $100mo.  It was closed up for 8yrs before I bought it.  Needed a new blower motor on the fuel oil furnace in the celler.  Other than that just cleaning and painting.  One year I didn't turn a  AC on until August!

Earlier this year I had planned on being there this spring, then this summer, now I hope I make it in the fall.  

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Yes, TJB, South Dakota makes it pretty easy and you can do 99% by mail but some things (like Medicare QMB, hunting license,etc.) I do believe you have to be a bonafide resident of 30 days or more (like most states).
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