Homeless at a crossroads of decision
Glad to hear you got a place Steve !
Stay Tuned

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(08-20-2017, 08:53 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Glad to hear you got a place Steve !

Thank you.
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I am in a similar situation and and am equally torn about the decision - do I give up my housing assistance and go live in a van?  I was homeless for years, was on the HUD waiting list for 2.5 years before finally getting a tiny studio apartment (HUD only pays a portion of the rent, so I still have to pay more rent than I can really afford). 

I just found out there is a Homeowners Program with HUD, where apparently you can buy a home (if a first time buyer) and get assistance with mortgage payments, but I am still searching for info about it, as they don't make it easy to find out about such programs.  I would love to buy a cheap tiny house in the country, but I doubt this is possible, with all the government rules and regulations involved.

I'm searching for ideas on how to keep the housing assistance and a permanent home somewhere, but also have the freedom to travel and visit farms and such.

I'm moving back to Ohio next month, born and raised there, of course the goal is becoming self-sufficient/off-grid completely, and not needing any government assistance.
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