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How necessary is it to have a gun?
this is turning political. next off topic post will get deleted. I might come back here and delete some already posted. first I need coffee. highdesertranger
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(07-22-2017, 07:34 PM)Ballenxj Wrote: Brings this saying to mind; When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

The cops are 5 minutes from me and took 25 or more minutes when someone was breaking in...They were already in the building at the time because of a loud party.  DON'T count on the police...BE READY AND ALERT.
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It all boils down to peraonal desicion. I personally sleep with one uder my pillow, one in the corner, one on the car, and during the day one on me, as well as one on the bike when i go for a ride. Bit that was my decision. Its up to you to make yours.

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Dang dude. Where do you live? Beirut?
"Not making a decision is a decision"

                      -Anonymous shrink
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No i just grew up around guns, i train with them regularly and its almost second nature to put on my gun with my clothes in the morning as a boy scout would with his pocket knife.

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I deleted a bunch of posts. the TOPIC IS "How necessary is it to have a gun". the topic is not about bringing guns into Canada or how well trained the LEO's are. if you want to discuss those topics start a new thread. highdesertranger
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