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Insulating w/ laminate flooring underlay sheeting
We needed do a major clean up (down to the metal) on our 76 Ford E250 high high top camper van- The mice were gone but the smell remained. (The cure for the mouse urine/poo smell is listerine and water mix sprayed over every surface-works great, and new mice don't move in.) Fiberglass insulation, paneling, flooring and shag carpet had to be removed- as did all the RV furnishings and systems for rebuild.

We had a roll of foam underlay used in a previous laminate flooring project. The product description declares the thin foam sheeting (about $20 a roll) insulates, and is a moisture barrier. Well, we used the product on the fiberglass hightop and then covered with reflectix (3M spray adhesive). We used it on the bare metal walls followed by new fiberglass insulation and then veneer. We also lay it on the floor under new plywood (no adhesive.) In all applications, you could feel the difference between sections with and those purposely left without the foam sheeting- sections with the foam were much cooler to the touch. I think we used 2 1/2 rolls total.

The other positive result was that we had no moisture buildup when we ran our Mr Buddy Heater in the winter months- While we had moisture on the windows, there was no dripping from the ceiling, or behind the walls, or under the flooring as others have reported.

This is my first post, but I have been using Bob's site for many years while I dreamed of a life on the road.  The forum has been huge source of information and community. Thank you all for adding to my life in such a positive way. Judy
It may be a bumpy ride, but it's our ride!
Loving this Life.
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Unwilling to lose much space on the walls i also went with the 1/8" thick padded floor underlayment/ moisture barrier on the walls held with 3M super 90.

I did not really have a bare skin comparison for insulative value

My back door windows would leak. Some mold and mildew formed on the walls back there. I ripped out a bunch of it in that area.
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