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Lost & Found
$6,000 in cash sealed in a deposit bag sitting in the middle of the road.

Turned out to be the entrance fees for a local Boys and Girls club flag football tourney. I gave it back. They gave me $100 reward and my boss then also knew that I was honest to a fault even when no one else would know it.
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Ah the one thing I've lost that still haunts me is a watercolor of a barn. My grandmother took a painting class in her retirement and painted a picture of a barn near her house which I got when she died. I moved out of an apartment and left it hanging on the wall. It was a couple of days before I noticed it was missing but it was too late. The old apartment had already been cleaned. It wasn't valuable or anything, just sentimental value.
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Had something similar happen to me. Ten years ago I moved out of an apartment because of a nasty argument with my roommate. She actually threw an iron at me after a few glasses of wine. Came back to get my stuff and it was all out on the curb. Minus a stained glass piece my Mother had made and numerous other items. Mosh things were replaceable but Mom can't do stained glass any longer because of arthritis and this was her favorite piece. Have lived alone ever since.
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Two years after I quit smoking, I found an unopened pack of cigarettes in the pocket of a coat in my closet. Still have it 4 years later. Anybody want a stale cigarette?

Lost a wedding ring in a creek in Cheyenne Canyon outside Colorado Springs. That cold water sure makes your fingers shrink. HDR, if you see this, thar's gold in them thar hills!

Found a kids bicycle laying in the middle of a highway near Frisco, Texas one night, and the bungee that I guess was supposed to be holding it on. I went back the next day and posted a "Found your bike" sign with my phone number at the spot where I found it, nobody ever called. I eventually gave it to a neighborhood kid.

I worked 3rd shift at a 7-11 for a while when I was young. There was a mean, cranky old drunk that would come in every night to buy cigarettes. One night he came in just as mean, cranky, and drunk as usual, as he was pulling the money out of his pocket to pay for his cigarettes I noticed a $20 bill fall out. My first instinct was to tell him he dropped it, and had it been anybody else I would have, but I decided he owed me and karma for all the verbal abuse I had to put up with from him night after night. There were 4 customers in line behind him when he dropped it. They all took their turn and left with none of them seeing the $20 on the floor, after they were all gone I walked around the counter and there it was right where he dropped it. Being a lot older and a little wiser now, I wish I would have told him. I don't remember what I spent the $20 on but I remember I don't have claim to taking the high road.

On our motorcycles on a highway near Springerville, AZ, came across another biker doing about 20 mph on the shoulder. Pulled over to ask him if he needed help, he said he was looking for his leather jacket with his wallet in the pocket that had fallen off. What a bummer... Another loose bungee victim...
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I cleaned out a house after a lady died. I found $7,000 in an old purse hidden behind some old fishing poles. I turned in every single penny and got a $50 reward. I can look myself in the mirror though.
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I'm punishing you with a Rate/Reputation point for that !
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