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Michigan gtg
Hi. I am in the up, an hour west of the bridge just off 2. On another thread it was mentioned about having a get together. Would anyone be interested in driving up here for a few days or week? We have room to park if anyone is interested. Would labor day weekend work? Although traffic is horrid going north on 75. Any other dates to suggest? I'm open. Would love to meet some others on here. I'm hoping to be able to start traveling this spring. Getting the house ready to sell, finally. Nora
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I wish I could but LDW is out I am afraid. So is the weekend after as that is Dally in the Alley in Detroit. Maybe the weekend before? last weekend in August?
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I've been driving 2 almost every week for work in Iron Mtn.
I should be heading that way soon again.
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I will be doing the family thing on LDW up near Atlanta Mi. I wouldn't mind driving up after that.
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Slynne: last weekend in aug will be fine, for me it can be anytime. Anyone else available?
Gargoyle. Anytime you are through here and need a place just let me know.
 And for me it wouldn't have to be a weekend. 
I can pm my phone number and address to anyone that wants to come up. W are 8 miles south of curtis, 0.8 miles north of us 2. Nora
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Jimindenver: you are welcome anytime. Nora
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jimindenver (Yesterday)
You all pick a date and I'll do my best to join you Wink
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Man, I haven't been to the UP in ages!
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Hi Michigan folks, I'm brand new to the foums but I'd love to meet up with other nomads in the mitten state.
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Welcome aboard !
What a cool looking rig .
Can we get some inside pics?
Stay Tuned

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