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Our offer accepted on 28 acres in WA!
I don't know too much about it all but found this:

"Lodgepole pine firewood is considered by many to be one of the better pines and softwoods for firewood. It can put out a fair amount of heat and will last a while. Lodgepole pine tends to be a slower growing and more dense pine with one of the higher BTU rating of the pines. It also has thin bark so when you get a cord of lodgepole, you are getting more wood and less bark. It is a good all around wood for wood stoves, fireplaces and outdoor fires."
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(04-21-2017, 02:37 PM)caretaker Wrote: be careful burning pine in a wood stove,,,,understand if you do you WILL have chimney fires, and the more efficient the wood stove the worst it will be,,,,and chimney fires get real hot

That's an old wives tale.  You can burn pine in woodstoves and fireplaces. Hardwoods burn longer and produce more heat (more btu's per cord of wood) thus the reason it's preferred. Pine burns hotter and gives you a better flame, ideally you mix the two and get the combo of better flames of the pine for ambiance and hardwood for more heat. All wood gives off creosote, not just pine, the reason people think you can't burn it in wood stoves and fireplaces. There have been studies done debunking this and even still a lot of industry professionals expel this common myth
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