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Out-of-state license?
In the van I have never even thought about the fact that I have out of state plates. But one time I was driving to Rhode Island from Phoenix (I had AZ plates at the time) and I made it all the way to PA before I got pulled over by a state trooper. He pulled me over for not moving over in time for a car that was pulled over onto the shoulder. After running my license and finding nothing out of order the traffic went from trooper being a bit of a hard ass to being friendly. We started chatting about AZ because he had just been out there doing some training. So I asked him why he really pulled me over. He admitted that when he sees out of state plates he gets curious. But when the out of state plates are from AZ he get very curious because of the amount of drugs that come up from Mexico. I was a little surprised by his honesty. He was telling me that they have had huge drug busts of AZ cars going through PA and most were found during routine stops. So in a round about way he told me that he was going to find any reason in the book to pull me over just so he could take a look see and access the situation.

This was the only time I have ever had this happen and after being in AZ since I was a kid I have never heard of anyone else this has happened to. In the last year of many nights stealth camping from Wyoming to San Diego to San Francisco I never once worried about having out of state plates though. I think it was a weird one off experience that happened with that one trooper in PA.
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