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Phoenix/Mesa Az. Free Farmers market/can goods
One of my best kept secrets. TOTALLY FREE!

3 days a week, free farmers market (Tuesday, Wedsnday, Thursday)
8:00 A.M. -11:00 A.M. You can go all 3 days. Count on being there in line from 30-45 minutes on Tuesdays.
No overnighting allowed.
Farmers market every other saturday / call to find out the schedule
  8 Am to 11 A.m.

Also Twice a month you can get  canned  goods, cereals and other dry goods.

Sunday breakfast is served (comparable to IHOP's) twice @  9:15 and  at 10:15 AM
Also free clothing and  pregnancy center, free diapers.
Job service.

Address is Rio Vista/ bridge  center:  1431 E. Southern Phoenix , Az.
Half a block west  from  16th st and Southern, south side of the road.
Its in  South Phoenix, totally safe regardless of what anyone tells you.

Vans are okay and small class B's.
Big Rv's - park at the safeway to the west, not in the Church parking lot.

You can easily get about $150-300 dollars worth of food. ALL FREE!

Ask for Ray , in person only ( he will be expecting you) and tell him Alec-Alex or Alcatraz sent you.
He works outside (manager) and will never answer the phone.
Telling him I sent you,  lets him know you are a fellow traveller.

He is a long time " Vanner".  He will help you in anyway he can.

Some service's require I.D.'s (any state, even expired)
Ray can help you get past the this part,  if you do not have one.
Everything is totally and absoultely free.

They always have enough food , the earlier you get there the better your selection.

Please mind your manners and do not abuse this privelge by abusing the staff ( they are all volunteers), NO parking huge Rv's , dumping your grey or blackwater or asking to camp there.

Please, please, please this is a great asset do not screw it up!

Sister church in Mesa, Arizona 
Casa del Amor (House of  Love)
Call for details
Address: 819 S. MacDonald Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210

I  have never been there, but heard its a smaller place with less services.
Not an RV freindly area, small neighborhood streets, heavy traffic.
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I could not edit this part:
Vans are okay and small class B's. Big Rv's - park at the ***safeway to the west, not in the Church parking lot.***

Safeway is to the EAST of the church, right next door, not the WEST.
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Ray called me today. They have a record amount of food to give away.
Anyone in the greater Phoenix area, I urge you to go. You will not be disappointed.
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The following 2 users say Thank You to Alcatraz for this post:
Jora (05-06-2017), AzteCamper (04-25-2017)
Thanks for this valuable and timely information, Alcatraz.

Looking forward to meeting Ray soon.


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