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Plywood, 1/4" or 1/2" ????? Newbie Needs Help!
I mix and match thicknesses when I build. Just as an example, for a typical kitchen cabinet I'll use 3/4" for the top and bottom and 1/2" for the sides. Then 1/4" for the back with a 3/4" nailing strip. Using the 3/4" for the tops and bottoms gives me a lot of meat to screw the 1/2" sides too. (I also dado the sides into the tops and bottoms but that's getting into advanced stuff you don't need to worry about on a vehicle build) You end up with a very strong and lightweight cabinet this way. Then a solid wood 3/4" face frame really stiffens it up.
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The consensus is 1/2" for all the reasons stated.  You'd have to use additional cross-member 2x2 framing to stiffen the plywood if you used 1/4".  

I'm presuming that you are going to build a bed frame out of 2x2 material for the legs, side rails and the center support under the 1/2" plywood. Glue and screw if you can, or use plywood gusseting for additional rigidity. 

Some people build the frame with 2x4" top rails (long pieces) as a 2x4" won't deflect as much as a 2x"2 and you have more surface area for the 2x2" legs and 2x2" center supports to hold to. 

The 1/2" plywood that goes under your choice of mattress material can either be screwed into the 2x2" (this will give more rigidity and also can be removed for disassembly).

Make sure you raise the platform high enough for storage underneath as well as comfort for getting in and out of.  

Hope that didn't confuse anything. Google "van bed frame" and you get 66,500,000 results... really, but lots of helpful pictures.
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