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Portable showerhead w/pump
Here is another version that has the rechargeable battery separate from the pump.  A little easier to turn on and off.

If you go down to the reviews section there are several videos that show it in action.  Has me pretty convinced!  LOL
- Cindi
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CautionToTheWind (07-15-2017)
Here's a Youtube link to make your own :

And here's the parts list : ✧ MATERIALS ✧
► Weed Sprayer: $19.97
► Sink Spray Nozzle: $6.76
►Sink Spray Hose: $10.78
Ken in Anaheim
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Rather than a sink spray nozzle I used an RV shower head replacement unit. Only a couple of dollars more and it allows me to turn the water off/on at the shower head. The sink sprayer has a trigger on it that you have to hold down to allow water flow. PITA if you're trying to rinse long hair. The RV shower head allows me to  hang it up and stand under it.
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Thanks for the tips!
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This guy also has a clever idea for an indoor shower:
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I have the Ivation shower and I've used it three times. The first time I was using a collapsible bucket, and I spilled the water, found you have to have enough water to cover the filter to get it to suck up any water. It did work fine the next few times I used it, a few gallons will give you enough time to wash and rinse hair and body. It's not much different than pouring water over yourself from a bucket, which I did just as effectively for a shower when I didn't feel like fiddling with the Ivation. 

Mary Ellen
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