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Propane tanks - buy own or exchange?
at the HD we have here in KW we have a 24 hr. exchange where you can use a CC,DEBIT or cash machine no attendant needed, there are scales in each one of the cages, or something that can tell i don't know what it is because you can't get a full one unless you put in an empty one
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the deposit here is $40.00. as far as the other stuff goes, i don't know, all i know is thats the way it works here.
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I could go get 200 empty tanks tomorrow, my town's DPW has a free drop off for old, outdated, or just unwanted propane tanks. But I don't understand the $40 part. You leave a $40 deposit and then just get that back? So you're not actually making money right?
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ERLH, thats what they charge in KW HD, its a deposit,,as far as 200 i bet they wouldn't. you have to turn them in person, thats why you should re read my post. as far as $30.00 tanks go after $29.95 in shipping,,,,do the math,,,,or if you drive down here to try and profit off a few tanks,,don't forget gas here is between .50 and .75 more per gallon go for it,,,,to give you some idea about things costing more,,I've bought books off of amazon for .10 and $3.95 shipping,but to answer your orig. Q: if you want a 20lb propane tank and don't have one to exchange you pay a $40.00 deposit plus the cost of the propane $17.95 for 15 lbs,,at the last time i checked. i don't make the rules. just live by them.
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