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Questions about truck campers
[attachment=14397 Wrote:Bonanza Jellybean pid='249847' dateline='1482292990']
The thing you want to pay attention to on a camper that extends past
Your bed is center of gravity; which will be marked on the camper and should sit directly above your rear tires. Also really pay close attention to your payload. 

Hope that helps. Check out Four Wheel Campers or Travel Lite.
Yo. Just FYI.
I just bought a Four Wheel Camper, Raven model, which fits my short bed, F150, 4 door crew cab. The Raven is their "shortest" model for full sized pickups. I bought it used, a 2015 shell model, which had none of the onboard features such as propane stove, heater, water, etc. Bare bones, which is what I wanted. Just bought it in late May, got the camper factory installed late June and take off for a two week tour of Wyoming next Monday.

The Raven is wider, at ~6'-5", than it is in length (meaning the lower box) and fits into the short box with just about 3-4" inches protruding, so I use it without the tailgate on. Again, just as I wanted. This allows me to add a "downstairs bed" that is 6'-5" so family members, friends, can use it and I can use it for naps on the road when I don't want to pop the top.

I've got plenty of camping gear, from portable tables, to stoves, as well as a Mr. Buddy heater if I need it, though winter camping does not have much appeal for me. I'm sick of snow, ice and cold weather so I'll use it to head south when it gets snowy in Northern Colorado where I live. I want to add an awning and I need to get the pre-wired solar plugs hooked into a "house" battery system. It currently powers the interior LEDs and the LED "porch" lite from the truck battery, but I have a Goal Zero Yeti 400 with 2 GZ Boulder 30s to provide additional power for a small fan and charging the iPhone, iPad, etc.

The Raven rides well, COG seems just right and I'm really looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

More photos here:

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I am often in Bear country and have a hard side slide in about 24 years old paid 325 dollars and have been on my share of not so good road. it's wood and aluminum, no problems to speak of.

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Truck Camper in San Francisco
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