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Questions about truck campers
[attachment=14397 Wrote:Bonanza Jellybean pid='249847' dateline='1482292990']
The thing you want to pay attention to on a camper that extends past
Your bed is center of gravity; which will be marked on the camper and should sit directly above your rear tires. Also really pay close attention to your payload. 

Hope that helps. Check out Four Wheel Campers or Travel Lite.
Yo. Just FYI.
I just bought a Four Wheel Camper, Raven model, which fits my short bed, F150, 4 door crew cab. The Raven is their "shortest" model for full sized pickups. I bought it used, a 2015 shell model, which had none of the onboard features such as propane stove, heater, water, etc. Bare bones, which is what I wanted. Just bought it in late May, got the camper factory installed late June and take off for a two week tour of Wyoming next Monday.

The Raven is wider, at ~6'-5", than it is in length (meaning the lower box) and fits into the short box with just about 3-4" inches protruding, so I use it without the tailgate on. Again, just as I wanted. This allows me to add a "downstairs bed" that is 6'-5" so family members, friends, can use it and I can use it for naps on the road when I don't want to pop the top.

I've got plenty of camping gear, from portable tables, to stoves, as well as a Mr. Buddy heater if I need it, though winter camping does not have much appeal for me. I'm sick of snow, ice and cold weather so I'll use it to head south when it gets snowy in Northern Colorado where I live. I want to add an awning and I need to get the pre-wired solar plugs hooked into a "house" battery system. It currently powers the interior LEDs and the LED "porch" lite from the truck battery, but I have a Goal Zero Yeti 400 with 2 GZ Boulder 30s to provide additional power for a small fan and charging the iPhone, iPad, etc.

The Raven rides well, COG seems just right and I'm really looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

More photos here:

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I am often in Bear country and have a hard side slide in about 24 years old paid 325 dollars and have been on my share of not so good road. it's wood and aluminum, no problems to speak of.
Truck Camper in San Francisco
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I looked at PopTops but for sound and weather insulation I went back to hard sided units. I called and emailed Capri as I like the style and they are really made for solo and the occasional bunk mate. But I got zero back from my email about some tiny changes. Seems to be the issue with cookie cutter builds. Not that there is anything wrong with standard build models but really who really needs a four person sleeping in 6.6x6.2 camper. Families running an overloaded 150/1500 into the local nearby camping spots! I get mass appeal, but it doesn't work for me. Great find Bob with the Belair camper and I may look at that as they are inexpensive enough to swap every five or so years of bush abuse. One company missed in these listings is;

They have been really good via email answering questions and modifications. Basically, we don't normally do that, but if you want to pay for it we can do it. Can't ask for better customer service. They make remote ambulance emergency vehicles for rapid response to forest camps so these shells will take a beating, the ambulance models are rated to survive a rollover! Well, at least keep you alive. With the 20% discount for USD they are an option at the lower end of the scale.
I am leaning this direction heavily, but the Bellair gives me those open holes in-front of the wheel wells as inside storage... I don't want windows so both will look like contractor shells. Wood won't stand up as well as a glass shell, but it is easier to modify. The problem with having options is it takes too long to weigh them all.
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Capri Campers are made not far from me. Unless they have changed drastically they will modify a camper upon request. They will let the buyer watch his be made. The rodeo guys who buy the largest portion of Capri's sales are not the most genteel folks around, those things are well built.

I know they were bought by some investors but as of a couple a months ago the same crews were building them. If interested let me know, I know a guy. Ha
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Scott7022 (08-08-2017)
Tuffport is a really great rig!! But, very expensive. They are also a Canadian company.
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Pricing is fluid my build was different. They sell a ton to contractors as they are tough. They have an off the shelf R-value, insulation, of 9.5 and use all stainless hardware. The big one T72 is darn light for the type of construction. They do ship to the USA so meet all the stateside regs. With the difference in the dollar it is a pretty good value. They beat them up in the oil fields and when they get posted to CL or Buy and Sell they disappear. Compared to a FWC Pop up shell they are cheaper. But yes, thousands more than Bellair.

I just may hit you up. A sticky point in my decision is that the Tuf Port is overbuilt for my needs and I still have to do the add this add that. The Capri in aromaitc cedar is a great interior. The fact I can import 20 grand duty free is also a consideration. BC sees a camper on the back of a truck like a pack and a tent. Camping supplies. No certification requirements.
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We (two - ahem - "mature" women with two small dogs) purchased a Four Wheel Camper ("Swift" model) for our Frontier short (5') bed 4x4 crew cab. We previously had a small TT, but found it limiting. We had considered upgrading to a larger payload truck but rejected the idea based on fact the Frontier is paid for, is highly capable off-road and runs like a dream. We added the Firestone Ride Rite helpers and they make a huge difference in ride comfort.

For the camper, we opted for the 'shell' model to keep the weight down and we made the right choice for our needs. No water system, no shore power, no toilet, no couch/dinette. Everything is portable (solar, stove, bucket, etc.). Easy-peasy.

We are having the time of our lives...we can go anywhere we went without the camper. Loving it! Would not want to full-time in it, but never say never!
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Oberneldon (08-08-2017), Cammalu (08-08-2017)
(08-08-2017, 03:03 AM)Scott7022 Wrote: "The Capri in aromaitc cedar is a great interior."

Is anyone else concerned with the possibility of mold, due to condensation, with unfinished aromatic cedar?

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Cammalu (08-08-2017), Scott7022 (08-08-2017)
I found my price list for tuffport. For a T72 6' something high and in a 6.6 box it is around 10 large installed Candaian bucks add insulation and split door with side reinforement and you hit FWC shell numbers before the DIscount can to USD. For a non pop top with an R value around 9.5. Still not sure what Canadian company meant. Highly paid wages? Stringent national certification process?
But an option if you are looking.
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