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RoadPro Privacy Curtain
Anybody tried or currently using one of these? I've seen them on several websites, including Wal-Mart....

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We made our own with blackout curtains from Wallie world...
And we're using a tension rod that spans the cab cross wise..

Total cost around 45 bucks...

There are some images in our build thread in the signature below! Check it out!
Thx, Dan'l
Big plans, Mini budget!!!
Check out my build here: Sophia's Hauler
And on Fakebook, look for us at: @Sophias.Hauler
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I use one in my Peterbilt....thats what they are really made for...trucks.

I suppose one could be used in a van or RV.

You need some way to hang it up, normally the sunvisors and the seatbelt loops behind the front seats are usable for that.

Live to Ride, Ride to Eat.

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I use a custom-fitting sun shade, from the Ford dealer, in the windshield, and cut-to-fit coverings/privacy screens made out of indoor/outdoor carpet, on the front-side windows (the ones that roll up and down).  I use Reflectix everywhere else.  

That way I maximize the living space, or at least the "feel" of the living space, instead of putting up a curtain behind the front seats that makes my space feel a lot smaller and cramped.  

Then again, I have a Transit Connect, so I'm dealing with a pretty small area.  

[Image: IMG_6874_zpsaf2oypso.jpg]
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