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Show Us Your Pet
I've only known a few Airedales, and that was long ago in SoCal, but all of them were really nice dogs.
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I had a welding instructor that when he saw a rather ugly looking weld he would say, "that looks like an Airedale was here". in other words it looked like dog Cr*p. highdesertranger
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This is my catahoula x husky mix, Aussie :3 


My cat, Hazel  Heart


I also have a 20 year old tarantula  Angel
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[Image: 12079975_888085881226601_742227260295079...e=5A2D9A13]

They are fatter, but this is my group! Why I cant get a Class B Big Grin
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FrugalTrekker (08-10-2017)

This is Lacy... You can see Taz's hindquarter's but he has literally left the picture... He's waiting for me in a different plane of existence, 

But Lacy is my buddy and companion, we both need to work off some weight... 
This was taken soon after I adopted her, about 7 years ago.
"like a band of gypsies we go down the Highway"
the one and only Willie Nelson
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FrugalTrekker (08-10-2017)
My dog's new favorite activity is pulling the cart when we go to Lowes

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I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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pnolans (08-10-2017), FrugalTrekker (08-10-2017)
Hello fellow pet lovers. Felt an overwhelming urge to jump in say hello and flash a photo of my babies.

Miranda (left) is my 19 year old Shepard/Collie mix that I rescued on her last day before she was to put down at a kill shelter in 2002. She has been the best companion I could have ever asked for and  I know her time is almost over. I am so thankful she chose me that day!!!

Maggie Mae (right) age 1 year? She was found roaming around our neighborhood, following anyone that would give her a smile or rub. She was about 3-4 months old, sweet tempered and had road rash across her back. We believe someone had thrown her out of a vehicle......she was never claimed or reported missing. I would have had issues with the owner if they had. Without getting a dna test it is hard to know exactly what breed/breeds she is, best guess by the vet is lab/retriever/spaniel mix. She is smart as can be and eager to learn but can also be quite defiant if she thinks things should go differently. 
[img][Image: 36457481151_db2b5983df_z.jpg]IMG_20170602_163743 by VagaboundSusan, on Flickr[/img]
You get what you give  Big Grin
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