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Stealth Tooth Brushing?
I stopped using reg. toothpaste quite a while ago. I use coconut oil. I brush for 2 min. & swallow, rinse toothbrush with some vinegar water (kills germs), wipe brush with paper towel or napkin & put on brush cover & store away. The coconut oil help keep teeth whiter between bi-yearly cleanings. I also floss. I do this twice a day & it seems to work great.
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Use a finger cap brush.... it's great!

Unless you have a saliva issue, your mouth should have enough to brush with this.
Spit into a paper towel or tissue.

The MAIN thing for health is FLOSSING folks.... they have linked lack of flossing to heart disease and other maladies because of the bacteria that goes through the body?

You can floss easily.
Saki will whiten teeth (and you don't have to drink it Wink )
A teaspoon of apple cidar vinegar won't kill you to swallow and will kill bacteria too! (If you have no saliva...)
Toothpicks work in between brush/floss.

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(05-22-2016, 06:16 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: Hey , the tribe has a dentist !

RVPOPEYE, WHO, i Missed it.
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