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Vans and State parks
I've seen it all in varying degrees at CGs I worked or camped in .
Ask what kind of sites they have and pick one that comes closest to your needs.
No matter how pricey the place is I've never seen one that charged for asking questions....

Bringing a tent even if you don't sleep in it , it will help for those places that do require it and who knows it might be better than sleeping in your car.

Have fun !
Stay Tuned

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Addie (07-15-2017)

I have never had a problem staying in my van in any state park in South Dakota nor do I have any problem staying at any of the CGs in Yellowstone National Park where I'm living/working for the season. I do have a tent that I can set up if I think I will encounter a problem, though. However, there are certain CGs in Yellowstone and in Shoshone National Forest that let you know that your rig has to be "hard sided." However, that's because of the potential for black/grizzly bear encounters. While I have been to Grand Teton National Park, I have not camped there yet. Next week, maybe. 

VanGrrl57  Smile
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Addie (07-18-2017)
I've never been refused a space in either a van or my step van at a state campground.
I've stayed at close to 100 cg's (mostly state/fed) all along the eastern states and the one time I was refused was at a private cg between Rockland and Camden ME.
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Addie (07-18-2017)
A tent site is one that doesn't have hookups, and an RV site is one that does. 'Dry camping' is a campground where NONE of the sites have hookups.

Most of my camping was done more than 20 years ago, and they probably had to change the description to 'no hookups' and 'full hookups' because the newer generation couldn't figure out what the older terms meant. Maybe they were looking for tent sites with running water, power and a personal toilet.
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Addie (07-18-2017)
As a newbe building my van, I have also been wondering about this. Also I want to live cheap so I was thinking I could maybe get a tent site with power that I could drive in to , maybe put up my tent, then sleep/live in the van. Sounds like that will be OK at most places.
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Tell them you got a tent. They just need to check a box on the entry form.
If they come by your site and ask "wheres the tent?", tell them you forgot the poles. Oops.

I hang in a hammock and they get a confused look when I mention that. So I tell them "TENT".
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