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Verizon Strikes Again!
I've been with Verizon for many years now, and still have the the old unlimited plan. As a truck driver and now full time van dweller I've always been in excess of 100 gb's a month traveling 49 states and all provinces of Canada (I pay an additional $25 international fee). Never once have they said anything in the last 15+ years. My phone/iPad is my radio/tv/Netflix/Amazon viewer. I also take/send/post many videos and pictures.

I've called them a couple times about my usage after hearing/reading things like this. Their response as recent as last week has always been, not to worry, my account is unlimited. Then they follow up by asking me if I'm ready to upgrade my phone. They receive $250 a month from me. They get a good fee and I receive a great service. Great coverage with few exceptions thanks to their partnerships.
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(06-30-2017, 01:28 PM)Optimistic Paranoid Wrote: Technomadia is reporting that Verizon is kicking some "unlimited" customers off if they use too much data while roaming.  Apparently, while they can throttle "unlimited" customers speeds on their own network, they can't do so on allied networks some people are roaming on to. Technomadia quoted THIS particular site as their source:

Yes, they are busy little beavers !

This cropped up in msm today...

.credit to arstechnica as due for article on VZN dumping rural customers and hacking 'unlimited'.

They are probably not going to stop !
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any carrier will kick ya off there network if your using the phone to much while roaming!!! why because your costing them too much $$$
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Even while not roaming.

Some are grandfathered in to true unlimited, those accounts go for thousands if they can even be transferred anymore.

New "so-called unlimited" all have fine print, the top X% of "abusers" get at least throttled.
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