O.K. so I just got here this morning.  I click on New Posts and the top of the list is about "Boat Rockers".  

When I try to reply as I'd really like to know what started this  I get a "Board Message"  I don't have " Permisson" to reply.

  I just got here!

As Far as I know I haven't pissed anyone off today......yet.

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Jaybird I deleted the thread you probably tired to post as I was deleting. highdesertranger
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Txjaybird (07-17-2017)
They are just taking in to account that at some point in the day you likely will and therefore are taking steps to be prepared. Tongue
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(07-17-2017, 08:03 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: Jaybird I deleted the thread you probably tired to post as I was deleting.  highdesertranger

I figured that would happen so I saved my well composed reply to GPC....

I will post it somewhere else...its that damn good!


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The story about the Titanic? That was an excellent response.
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Yeah, like HDR said the thread was deleted. What happens is, you see the link to the thread before it's deleted, then by the time you click on it, it's already been deleted, and that link now references a place that either doesn't exist or you don't have permission to access (depending on forum settings, deleted threads probably go to a place that only moderators can see and perhaps choose to review or restore).

Long story short, you didn't do anything to piss anyone off. You just saw a thread on its way out. Had you refreshed "new posts" at the same time this occurred, you would have noticed the thread title disappear as well.
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highdesertranger (07-20-2017)
I would like to read posts that are forbidden. I wish to learn what is wrong. Not just that a post was deleted because a moderator did not like. Better to have a closed thread, in a garbage section so we can all learn which members could be trolls.
if I delete a post or thread I send the poster a PM. if my PM doesn't explain it enough for you to understand PM me back and ask for a further explanation. easy as that. highdesertranger
I think the point that Weight may have intended to convey is that other people lose the opportunity to learn from the deleted content.

By placing such posts in a forum category of their own and closing the threads to further comment, they remain visible to everyone. Additionally, if the explanation for the deletion was included as a final comment in the now-closed and now-relocated thread, it could be a kind of teaching tool where others could learn from examples. Among the things that could be learned are who may repeatedly post content deemed deserving of deletion, as well as the overall pattern of thought behind each individual moderator's decision to delete that content.

For what it's worth, I think such a practice would be more useful to everyone than simply deleting content with private explanations.

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Weight (07-20-2017)
If you have an issue with the way the forum is run or with forum itself please feel free to start a new thread

TJBird's original question has been answered so I'm closing this thread.
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