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Which hotels register your tag number?
I was curious, has anyone ever put together a list of the  hotels that take down their guests' tag numbers as opposed to those who don't? What exactly will they do if they find a vehicle whose tag isn't registered? Yes it might be someone sleeping in their vehicle but it might also be the vehicle of a guest's, uh, overnight friend. Wouldn't it annoy said paying guest if their friend's car was towed, booted or what-have-you? ?
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That info is mostly required by the state government, for what reason, who knows. Large hotels will often have security but most interstate motels don't. I have spent many nights in motel parking lots. Low profile is best.
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Before I had a vehicle to sleep in I stayed at a lot of motels. They all asked for a plate #. I don't believe anyone checked plate numbers at any of the motels.
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My experience when I was traveling a lot for work was that they all asked for your license plate info if you had a car.  I think this was so they knew who to contact if there was a problem.  Places that had limited parking either had assigned spots or gave a placard to be placed on dashboard or hung from rear view mirror.

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it's usually to track how long the vehicle has been there and not policing vehicle code enforcement. at couple of casinos which allow rv/trailer overnights, security will walk around the lot and write down plate info and keep track. i don't see them doing it for regular cars tho.
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I used quite a few hotel parking lots on my road trips. I find them readily available and safe as well. I don't worry about if guests have to give out their car info when checking in because even the hotels that have security walking around don't actually look at the plates or check them against a list. Like Spaceman Spiff said above I think it is just so they know who to contact if something goes wrong.

I do think when hotel stealth parking you do need to be up your game a little. I have a black curtain the divides the cab from the back so at night you can't see into the back. I don't put up any window shades because that is usually more of a giveaway that someone could be in it. Look at any of the RV's in a walmart parking lot and you'll see what I mean.

When I'm ready for bed I make sure I am completely ready before I pull in and park. Then I just quietly move to the back and go to sleep. In the morning I move up to the drivers seat and make my way out. Definitely not like walmart where there's not as much need of stealth and you see people getting in and out, walking the dog and going shoping inside.
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I remember one hotel I've stayed at didn't ask vehicle information. The Hawthorn Suites in Cottonwood Heights, Utah (That's the suburbs of Salt Lake City.) 40.624297, -111.851384
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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Morgan City La there was a hotel that the guard went around and checked every plate every thing that happened he did his best to record. Reason? WEll in the 1980's A vendor was found hacked to pieces in a hotel room. They never solved that mystery of who did the crime. The security there was forever tight ever since. I caught the guy going around writing down every tag he saw somebody he wrote it down their description .Not so sure if they ran off people sleeping in their car I would suspect if they were paying that much attention most trying to sleep in their car would just give up and find another place to sleep. This was one of them towns that usually had nothing going on ever the news was usually pot bust and things like that. I see now that location is a days inn La 90 and MLK.
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