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i will NEVER use fiberglass ins.
I don't want to end up being "the thinsulate guy" on here or something but... Thinsulate was pretty perfect for stringing into the studs. It doesn't need to be glued and would be super easy to remove. I mean, like 10 seconds easy. Plus it doesn't need to be crammed so still maintains its insulating capabilities. Either way, you'll still end up with thermal bridging from the ribs so it's a losing battle in some sense. 

If I remember correctly I think some other people have had reasonable success chunking up board insulation and inserting it bit by bit. Sort of like an igloo...
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just throwing this at the wall, has anybody looked up using aircraft ins?
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Almost There said: "You will never achieve 100% insulation in a vehicle nor would you want to. Think of the houses that builders tried to make airtight that now have all kinds of ventilation and air quality problems."

So true!  When you reduce fresh air flow/exchange you are just getting a whole nother' set of problems... Mold/mildew, indoor air pollution etc. 

Vans/vehicles are not houses that can have R-40 depth/thickness to block the infiltration of heat or keep the a/c in. 

Most vehicles have a large windshield which is usually uncovered, hows that for a heat sink or way to allow cold through?  Don't overthink this!
If my "thanks given" count isn't close to my post count then I'm not being appreciative enough of the information I'm learning for free.
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