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string instruments
hey folks, new here Smile

I'm preparing to live in and out of my car for an unknown time (maybe a couple of months, maybe longer). I play a fancy uke, a tiny bit costly. I've always been told to not leave our string instruments in a vehicle for long, per issues of temperature, etc.

Is this not actually a big deal? 

Or is there a way to insulate them better while they, too, live in a car? I will be in very hot, then very rainy, and sometimes very cold areas.
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Welcome aboard the crazy train !
aaaaaalllllllllllllllll aboooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrd!
Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh

Do you have a hard shell case for it?
That would be a good starting place for protecting that UKE !
Keeping an instrument humidifier in the case is a good idea.
Heat should he OK but extreme cold can crack some finishes.
Let it warm up when bringing in from real cold places before opening the case.
A high end instrument must have come from a good music store , have you asked them ?
I've spent much of my life out on the road touring and we mostly used Anvil type cases but a good hard shell should be fine.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have
Stay Tuned

1981 Travelcraft Class C - 23'
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Pooki (04-20-2017)
Hey thank you, popeye! 

Mine's not high-end, just spendy for me ($250). After much effort, I wasn't able to find a hard case for it (weird shape, etc), so just have a super padded, thick, soft case. The uke was purchased online.

I have a kid, too, so I'll have us inside by the time the extreme cold hits, and will bring the uke inside with us then (leave everything else in car if still unhoused by then).

Instrument humidifier! Right!

Mine is basically plastic and steel, I think. No real wood, no skin. Does that work in its cardwelling favour?
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Plastic and metal .... metal neck ?
How about a couple of pics??

I've actually put my guitar in the sleeping bag with me in freezing weather.
(No , I didn't try to play it while zipped up !)
Love thy axe !
Stay Tuned

1981 Travelcraft Class C - 23'
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