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C head Composting Toilet Review
So two weeks ago we got our c head composting toilet, which in my opinion has been a big improvement over the basic bucket system. Now it might not seem like much of a difference besides the separation of the solids and liquids, but it actually has a churning system, that will bury the solid waste after use and not have to add so much medium after every use causing it to fill up much faster. 

Now first I wanna talk about the design, it involves one thing I love.. Simplicity. There is a bunch of noooks and crannies so cleaning it is very simple. Removing the liquids and solids contains are really easy with a simple lift of the hatch and emptying is very quick and easy. The liquids container is nothing more than a gallon water jug, so you don't have to worry about your container getting caked up after a while, you can just recycle the jug and put in a new one for a very low cost. I'd say we fill ours up almost daily, probably would be more but I'm a neandrothol and I pee outside any chance I get. There's also a little slit to see the container level so you'll know when it's about time to empty it.

The solids container is just a 5 gallon bucket that has been modified, again very easy to remove and empty and the churning system actually buries the waste very well. Now we have just gone with the recommend amount of turns on the handle which is around 20, I know that seems like a lot but it really isn't and you can't see anything after.
When it comes to smell after pooping, it does linger for a bit, but we also do not have a vent hose connected to ours for numerous reasons. But it's not unbearable, and it doesn't last long. We have been ursing pine saw dust, we plan to try cocoir soon, and we have found that we don't like peatmoss, so the saw dust seems to be doing the trick for now.

Now if you're a guy with a alpha ego you won't like this toilet, because guess what, you do have to sit down to pee to use it, you may be able to figure out some way to use it standing, I don't see how tho. But if you can get past your ego and just realize that it's nothing  a big deal to sit to pee then you're good to go, which peeing when you poop is sitting down to pee so you've technically already done it before.

When asked why we chose this particular toilet over some of the other ones, there's a few factors, one we are simple people and this just seemed like such a simple system and it is, I'd say two would be the price, this particular model was around $560 I think, and compare that to other one that are in the $900 to $1100 range, we just couldn't justify spending much more for something, that we really just wanted a system that could separate the liquid and solid, as we found with the bucket system, it's not preferred to mix both in one, and we were having to empty it more often, and the smell, so yeah the c head seem to make more sense for us.

They were many people who said the reason they didn't get the c head was because you cannot throw toilet paper into the waste container the way you can some of the others, while this is true, with the c head toilet paper will not get buried by the churning system, so yes I will admit that is a downside, however our solution is simple and we have a separate little container that we found for $4 that we use for toilet paper, and then just put it in the trash when it's full, and we have had no issues with odors. So yeah the whole toilet paper thing isn't really that big of a deal at all.

All in all, I'd say we are satisfied, for the price and simplicity of the system I would definitely recommend it if you're planning on composting, or just
do not wanna deal with the black tank, I feel this is much quicker and less gross than the black tank. Hope this helped some of you and sorry for the lengthy post. lol

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