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Message from forum staff regarding sexual assault
If you have no proof why don't you contact someone that was there and ask if that's the guy you think it is? That's what I did immediately. Dean is standing there in the video of the first meeting and is easily seen. I speak to Dean on a daily basis and asked him to confirm whether that J--- that was confronted at the meeting was the same J--- that was in Jamie's last video before he went to the build. He said it is the guy and I believe him. Why on earth would he lie about it? Also there hasn't been one person come forward that has said that J--- in the video isn't the same J--- the perp who Jamie brought with him to the build.

Would you like Deans phone number I can gladly give that.

Easy to get confirmation there were lots of people at that first meeting and it was even taped. The tape was edited and you can see where that was done easily. Perhaps someone still has a copy of the edited portion if you must see with your own eyes. I don't know if that would even be made available to you but you can certainly try or just believe what fifty eyes sitting in that circle saw and the other fifty eyes that saw him apologize to each girl a few days later.

He was drunker than Cooter Brown when he did this and I'm sure that was a factor but it still doesn't excuse anything. You just can't go in someone's house while they are sleeping and lay a hand on them. It would be terrifying for anyone man or woman.
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