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There will be Peace in the Forum
“I didn't intent to raise the controversy of butane vs. propane or adapters or dual stoves and such. Just a quick post on a good deal that others might also appreciate.

Honestly, must every post be a battle? it's getting tiresome
Angry Angry Angry Angry
I’m sick and tired of the constant fighting and bickering over Even the smallest issue. Often, I can’t even see a significant issue, just fighting for the sheer pleasure of a debate. It’s going to stop.

The moderators are going to start keeping a list of all members who love debating and turn every small issue into a mountain. Unfortunately, that’s often a very gray area that can’t be genuinely figured out. We don’t want to do these stupid things any more than you want us to do them! But, you’ve backed us into a corner and forced us to make such silly decisons!

There will be peace and harmony in the forum. A few can’t be allowed to ruin it for the many.

So, we’re going to give you a fresh slate, all is forgiven. But, every time you get in a pissing contest about nothing you get a warning and when your warnings reach 100% you go on moderation. That means a moderator must approve  each and every one of your posts.

You don’t want that, and we don’t want that—who wants extra work???

Fortunately, it’s very easy to avoid!!

Before you hit “send” look that post over by asking a few quick and easy questions:

  1. Is this post really helpful to others?
    Or am I just showing off how smart I am?
    Will this be helpful to a raw newbie Or just more blather and confusion?
    Is this bickering that ruins the forum for others?

To be fair, I really do believe you honestly mean well and you are just unaware of the problems you create. I’m not writing this in anger, but the goal of the forum is to be helpful and the things that stand in the way of that have to be corrected.  

Constant bickering about nothing keeps people who come here to get help from gettin get help they need—so it has to stop.

If you can’t figure it out for yourself, the moderators will have no choice but figure it out for you.

What do you say, can’t we all just get along??!!
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