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No More Free Table in Ehrenberg! Volunteers needed to clean it up.
I guess someone has to take control of this problem. I hate being in the limelight like this, but I feel I have no choice since organizing excess 'stuff' is what I do (now not everyone can boast about that and feel good about it...ha ha).   Dodgy

The Free table in Ehrenberg was a wonderful idea in some ways, but it just sort of happened, it's not organized, and now it is creating a problem, and I'm putting a request out for some volunteers to help dispense with it:

a) I propose that if you have items there already, please take them back and save them for the RTR.

b) I need some volunteers who are willing to gather the items together and take them to a thrift store. I just think the sooner this is done the better while the pile is still manageable. I would do it myself, but I don't think I'll be back in Ehrenberg for a few days or more. 

c) I need a volunteer to create a sign that clearly states that no more items should be left on the table, that the free table is NO MORE! There is a sign there now that can be replaced. It has a plastic cover and is designed so it wont blow away. You will need clear tape to replace it. If a sign is there, the table can stay in place and be used for gatherings and such. I will remove the sign before the RTR when people are leaving the area.

d) I need a volunteer with a truck, who is willing to haul off the car bench seat and the front seat that someone dumped there, and take it to the dump. If this remains by the table, it will only encourage more people to dump stuff there and it needs to be removed anyway.


And to everyone else, thank you for being responsible and practicing leave-no-trace, or leaving it cleaner than you found it. The environment thanks you too!


If you have a problem with my suggestions here are my reasons, but I hope you will support this effort. (If not, perhaps you will offer to take responsibility for the free table instead).

1. People are dumping items off that are obviously of no use to anyone else, or are too big, broken or whatever. There are some good useful items there of course, but it is still a problem.

2. Since the BLM Rangers are now watching this area, they could see the table as a dumping/littering problem. Who will get in trouble if they take issue with this is anyone's guess? More than likely, Bob will get in trouble, which is unfair because this table is not his idea, and he wants no part of it.

3. Since no one can be responsible for it for the duration because of the 14-day limit, it cannot be monitored every day by a responsible party. Additionally, there is no one person responsible for it at all. Most people just put stuff there, then walk away and forget about it, so it is not being monitored, which leaves the irresponsible type to dump whatever they want.

4. The wind blows stuff off the table into the desert. The stuff on the table or floor gets filthy with dust, and then no-one wants it anyway.

5. When everyone leaves the area, I have little doubt that there will still be items left for someone else to clear up. If you were the last person in Ehrenberg, would you want to clean up other peoples stuff from the table? No, you wouldn't. ~ In February or March of this year, when people left Ehrenberg, Bob had to clean up the mess and haul off other peoples junk and trash and stuff. This is not something he wanted, yet he was still left with the cleanup. The same thing will happen this January, and someone will have to haul the stuff off if the free table continues.

6. High Desert Ranger (Admin), and I and some others think the Free table should go. Bob has washed his hands of it. This alone should be enough to back up my suggestion that we should no longer have a free table in Ehrenberg. It is not an organized and monitored thing like it is at the RTR, so it shouldn't be there.

7. And if none of those reasons are good enough...listen up...I have a really bad feeling in my gut about this, and us women Nomads know that we should always listen to and trust our gut!

Thanks so much for those of you that are willing to help end this problem. ~ And as always...Please, be kind to me, be kind to each other, and be kind to the environment.
~ Insatiable is Not Sustainable ~ (Chevy AWD Astro Van with a 3" body lift, oversized tires and white in color; goes by the name of Studley Van)
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