Greetings from a long term nomad, starting a new build.
Hello All!

I've been kind of a nomad for many years, grew up traveling constantly with my family and it just kinda stuck.  I've always had itchy feet, and this has manifested itself a couple times in different ways..... for many years I was certain a sailboat was the solution for me, and eventually bought a blue water capable boat... but it turns out being a sailer takes a certain something I don't have.  I lived aboard the boat for many years, and really enjoyed racing with my friends on the weekends, but never was comfortable single handing my boat.

Later I decided it had been too long since I was in europe and sold everything to travel full time... managed to make that work for half a decade before running out of money.

Now I finally have a job that is remote, which I can do from anywhere with a cell signal, and after a crazy week thinking I should buy a house, have realized--- I should buy a house on wheels.  (Won't be the first time, lived in a truck camper in alaska in the past.)

So, I'm about 3 weeks into the insanity of investigating and researching everything I can.... am I building from scratch?  shouldn't I just buy an RV? Geez they are expensive and so much optimized for the faux "luxury" that families of four want for their 3 times a year trips of only 2 days!

I've changed my plans so many times now I can't say anything is certain.... but I have finally started to see solutions that I like.

The road trek CS Adventurous with a bunch of Lithium Ion batteries looks possible-- but I don't really want to spend that kind of money (I could probably get that big of a loan, but it don't feel right.)

So, the current incarnation of the plan is to buy a cut-away truck and put a custom box on it.  Basically building a U-haul truck but buying new rather than used.  (These trucks are seemingly rather cheap-- around $40k, and then another $5k for the box.... though we will see how crazy I go with options--- the idea of a lift gate making a porch is certainly appealing.)

Anyway, hello!

Very keen to hear from anyone who has done a box truck conversion!

Also, a lifelong Toyota fan, I am now forced to decide what domestic engine and drive train makes the most sense.   I'm not even sure whether chevy, dodge and ram are chryster or GM!
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