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Yurt vs Travel Trailer - Cost & Comfort Considerations
Hey Folks, I am getting closer to the full-time RV lifestyle. I am leaning towards buying a travel trailer, but a yurt sounds appealing in its own regard. 

Yurt Pros 

No towing
More MPG with your tow vehicle (i.e. 20' yurt is about 70 pounds)
More square feet per dollar (i.e. 20' yurt can cost as little as $1,100 for 314 sqft)
More flexibility with the interior design
Better temperature control

Travel Trailer Pros

No setup (do not even need to unhitch if that is one's preference)
More secure (almost all travel trailers are lockable)

Do you see those blanks? That's where you come in! What are some more advantages of the yurt and/or travel trailer?
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Yurt vs Travel Trailer - Cost & Comfort Considerations - by kayman - 01-03-2018, 02:13 PM

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