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Hiding Places for Valuables?
Drifted Cowboy has shared with us the story of an RV user who had $48,000 confiscated by law enforcement:

The obvious question is hiding places so no one find will our valuables. Suggestions?

I'm sure someone will suggest banks--but everyone here remembers what happened in the 1930s.
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Canada, as well as some states - Ohio is one - have laws on the books making it illegal to build hidden compartments into vehicles.

Get caught with one, even if it's empty, and they can seize your vehicle.

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Link to a previous post

and another one, that's more on the humorous side, but still has value
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In the house, Wolf built some rough looking shelving in the garage bathroom with a false bottom just big enough for my good jewelry ( which means it was pretty small). No fingers holes or hinges, so it was not easy to spot. It opened using a magnet.
Jean, with hubby and Whiz, the sort-of-bichon, in a 2008 32 ft Gulfstream Independence with a Ford Fiesta dinghy.
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I hide my valuables in other people's pockets. It seems easier.

I have nothing a thief would need steal he couldn't have willingly.

However that thief may be dressed...

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I really don't have any hiding places. I am more concerned with fire than theft. And I have had houses robbed more than once. I have a "fireproof" file safe holding important papers (and a canning jar). It should outlast a vehicle fire. I have places that a common thief won't find but a determined or skilled one will. You can hide paper money, etc in plastic baggies held against metal walls (I suggest inside, not outside) by tucking a few neodymium magnets in the baggie. I suggest if you do this, you keep the baggies small and light weight.
This is merely what I did. I am not telling you to do this. I am just saying what I did. This may or may not work for Vandwellers. I am not a Vandweller. I live in a skoolie. I do not boondock so this may or may not be suitable for those who do boondock. Fulltime since 2006.
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JLynne (03-12-2017)
Hide it in a 401k account. There are so many protections on those accounts. Even bankruptcy can't touch them in many states. Was not alive in the 1930s so don't know about bank runs that happened on uninsured accounts.
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401k's work very well if you can wait for your money until withdrawal age. Anyone who has a paycheck should be putting some away in one, anyway, even if it's only a few bucks a month. If you think money is tight for you, now, just wait until you are old!

Bank accounts are insured for an amount greater than I expect anyone here will need to have available for ready cash needs. If you have more than that and don't want to invest it in the market, split it up with 2 or more banks so it's all insured.
Jean, with hubby and Whiz, the sort-of-bichon, in a 2008 32 ft Gulfstream Independence with a Ford Fiesta dinghy.
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I have two bank accounts with cards and checks. If one bank has a temporary problem I am not stuck for cash.
I'm past my age and I will tell you from experience. Put as much as you can in a retirement account! 401k or Roth, there are advantages to each, but long term growth account is the secret to a comfortable retirement.
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Re laws against hidden compartments, if Wolf were to build in something like that garage shelf compartment in the RV, I would have him put a couple screws in the cover. Sand it and put some stain and varnish on it. It would look just like any of several other hidden empty spaces that resulted from shoddy planning on the part of the factory.
Jean, with hubby and Whiz, the sort-of-bichon, in a 2008 32 ft Gulfstream Independence with a Ford Fiesta dinghy.
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