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Hiding Places for Valuables?
The Goobermint has laws allowing them, if things get really bad economically, to raid the banks and seize any and all monies deposited therein. So keep at least an 'emergency fund' hidden where only YOU can access it!
Easily liquidated hard goods are good too, but if one is living full time in a van or RV, this can be difficult to do.
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LeeR - what are you talking about. They can print whatever they want. No need to raid anything.
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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That is why I chose to live in the USA. Our government does not seize bank accounts. A court of law can if you are proven a criminal or refuse to pay your bills.
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I'm pretty pessimistic for the future, especially for American dollars. Inflation is so much more likely than all the other risks we face and probably more devastating to most of us. That's the thief I'm worried about. 10 years of 10% inflation will solve the government debt problem, but also wipe out your 401Ks and savings accounts. History and common sense say that you can't have this level of government debt without ending up with inflation.

So some of my money is safely hidden in a 6 months supply of food, which I doubt anyone would want to steal--yet. Also in guns, ammo and other survival basics. Also in gold and silver kept off-site. Inflation proof.
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In our country if u had all ur money in one bank then u lost nearly all of it with what happened with the bankers. So if I had money, I would put it in a fire proof safe under the floor boards screwed down. Can't trust any banking system any more. If u do use a bank here then u have to spread it out to different banking systems. But still u need to be careful that none of them are merged or about to.
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Every dime I have in the bank is let them fold.......Im not going to End of the world Myan prediction......the last 3 meteors missed us......and most of all Twinkie's came back......
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Yeah, Mike, that's pretty much my attitude. At our age, going survivalist is, frankly, silly. If chaos comes, we aren't going to weather it by storing canned beets and bullets. We need our diabetes and blood pressure meds to stay healthy. We need our eye glasses updated to see. We need clean water and adequate sewage disposal in order not to die in less than a week of explosive diarrhea. We need good roads and reliable power for heat and air conditioning in order not to die of heat stroke or freeze to death. Humans used to die before hitting 30, on average, and we would do so, again, if the survivalist nightmare came to pass. It would probably happen even faster in the western world as our medical advancements have allowed a lot of us who would have died because of our genetic weaknesses to survive and breed. You can be armed to the teeth, but hanta-virus and cholera and rabies and parasites don't care.

I'm not going to worry about the end of the world. I can't do anything about it and I don't think it's going to happen, anyway.
Jean, with hubby and Whiz, the sort-of-bichon, in a 2008 32 ft Gulfstream Independence with a Ford Fiesta dinghy.
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No one has lost 1 cent in USA banks since 1930. If you want to panic, please, at least get your facts right.
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You have to watch how you give them your money. You have to make sure you are depositing it in an insured account. When Regions was Amsouth, they had an in-house rep for their separate brokerage business. Those accounts were not insured, but they did their best to give the impression to vulnerable clients that they were. They talked Wolf's mother into one of their uninsured accounts, and the rep had the brazen gall to try to use her as a selling point to convince me to put my 4o1k into one. I asked her if Wolf's mom had given her permission to discuss private financial matters with anyone else, and she claimed up fast. I knew the old lady gave no permission because she is pathologically paranoid about anyone knowing anything about her money. If she buys bananas on sale, she won't tell you what she paid. She thru a fit and moved to a different bank when I told her.
Jean, with hubby and Whiz, the sort-of-bichon, in a 2008 32 ft Gulfstream Independence with a Ford Fiesta dinghy.
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Zil - banks no loss. Uninsured credit unions - big big loss. Happened 25 years ago to friends.
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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