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Hiding Places for Valuables?
Really shouldn't risk your friend like that, I know you trust Bob, but what about all the staffers at his webhost?

Just too easy in general to get doxx'd these days
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(04-21-2015, 06:24 AM)cdiggy Wrote: Yes! They are not your friend. They are there to further their career in law enforcement and generate revenue for the department they work for. Be nice and polite and that is it. Nothing good can come from telling them you have cash on hand.

Do you cops asks about large sums of money onboard? Someone said that in some States they do.

I can understand that they'd ask if you had weapons, for their safety.
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Not by state as much as depends on the specific jurisdiction.

Yes lots of them routinely confiscate assets without actially having other evidence of a crime.

Can empty prepaid credit cards too.
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I have stuffed cash-n-keys into the factory installed tow hitch. With a 2" hitch cover in place
2015 RTR
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