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How to Post in the Dating Forum (no discussions here)
Posted on behalf of Bob Wells, owner.

One question that comes up pretty often is how do van dwellers date? And the answer is "NOT EASILY!" So we have a forum just to help you find a date. This is not a dating service like We won't act in any way like a middle-man.

Here’s how it works:

- Original Poster (OP)
• You post your "resume.”
• Make sure you are open to receiving Private Messages (PMs), in your user Control Panel (CP).
• You may accept response through PMs or e-mails. If you choose to place your email address in thread, please be aware that this leaves you vulnerable to scams and bots. This is a public forum.
• E-mail can be made available in your profile if you wish to receive replies via e-mail.

-Those wishing to respond:
The forum does not allow direct responses in the thread.
• People who wish to respond may do so through a Private Message (PM). Again, those responding should make sure their PMs are open, in the User Control Panel (CP) to receive PMs from other forum members.
• Your e-mail can be made available in your profile if you wish to receive replies via e-mail.

Just like all dating sites, the more information you give, and the more honest you are, the better your chance of finding the person of your dreams. And a picture helps a lot! Straight or gay, all are welcome!

If you are not looking for a serious dating relationship, DO NOT POST IN THIS FORUM. If you do, it will be deleted.

We won't even charge you for this service! However, if you find your true love it would be nice if you tell us all about it and invite us to the wedding!!

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