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Are most traveling alone?
After looking around at the forums I get the feeling that a large percentage are lone travelers.  Am I correct about that?  And if so why?  Is it pretty hard to find couples that both have a interest in this kind of lifestyle?   I am currently not on the road but really have a desire to be.  The wife is not even close to 'wanting' to be on the road and I am not even sure she would follow me there ( guess I will find that out soon enough).

The questions that I have are:

Is the community mostly single travelers?

What is the reason?

Is it really hard for a long time couple to have the same desires for this kind of life?
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Guessing the attenance at the RTR, I'd say about half were traveling with a companion.  (So most vehicles had only one person.)  Maybe it's just that singles tend to have more time for forums.  Couples seem to dominate some groups, and singles-only groups exist.

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Quote:Is it really hard for a long time couple to have the same desires for this kind of life?

There are a few old married couples here, and one or two young couples, I think. DW nd I are coming up on our 35th wedding anniversary, and no, it's not hard to want a mobile lifestyle. We always enjoy travelling but have been limited to what we could squeeze into vacation time or weekends. next year we're both retired and, unless something happens, on the road.

We currently have a 19 foot camper van, which we plan to replace with a 28 footer. It would just be nice t have a sleeping area separate from the living area.

Not a necessity however.
"It's always darkest just before lightning scares the crap out of you."
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I think most couples go the route of RV's instead of vans. You find mostly couples on RV focused forums.

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Heidi and I were single vandwellers up to about 4 years ago We still have both vans, one is at my Dad's place and in use as storage, but we live in the other which is 17' and extremely comfortable. We have been married now for almost 3 years and love every minute of our lives!

My Mom and her husband thought we were crazy, however last year, she after deciding it seemed like fun, bought a small class A rig and planned on going on the road without him thinking he would have no interest in it. He ended up going with her for the winter and found out he loved it so they are trying to sell their house now and plan to be full-timers at some point. Sometimes they just have to try it to know.

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@Mike, what a great story about your Mom and her husband.

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Thanks Dragonfly I am really proud of her for getting out there on the road! She always loved to travel!
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I was surprised to learn that most of the van and rv travelers I have come across so far are couples or people in groups. I would have figured on more solo travelers. So theres hope for anyone hoping to one day have a companion with them in the future!
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In my experience, the great majority of RVers are older retired couples. They lived traditional lives and in retirement set off for some adventure in their RVs. Wander around Quartzsite and that is what you are going to see the most of. Maybe a 90-10 mix of couples to singles.

On the other hand, vandwellers (no matter what kind of vehicle they are in) tend to be single, non-traditional people. I'd say maybe a 60-40 mix of singles and couples. I was quite surprised by how many young couples we had at the RTR this year.

I think the reason their are so many single vandwellers is we tend to be non-conformist loners who treasure our freedom. Their is simply a smaller pool of us to search for a mate in. If I were willing to live in a house I think I could easily find a companion. and Plenty of Fish are full of women who would appeal to me if i could tolerate living in a house. On the other hand there just aren't that many people willing to poop in a bucket and bathe with wet wipes and a spray bottle. Bob

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On the other hand there just aren't that many people willing to poop in a bucket and bathe with wet wipes and a spray bottle. Bob

Ha!  This is so true.  Yesterday I was helping my daughter make a decision about housing that she could afford.  She found a place, it is clean, sizable, has amenities that are beneficial for her at this stage in her life.  Neighborhood is iffy, but she has dogs and arms plus 24 hour security.
As I pointed out that *I* would live there, she looked right at me and said "Yes Mom, however, you are also planning to live in a van or camper and use a bucket for a bathroom, I'm not sure your opinion really counts on this one!"    So I had to chuckle when I read Bob's post above

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