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Are most traveling alone?

Can't honestly say I prefer to be solo, just do better being solo.  Besides, I'm not alone...I got Pita my akita/huskey pooch. 

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Do whatever works best for you. However if you still feel you lack companionship a pet isn't a bad way to go.

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[Image: owl.jpg]

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I can't imagine travelling with anyone other than DW. I can't imagine anyone other than DW wanting to travel with ME.  Can't figure out why DW wants to, either. Not going to press the topic...

"It's always darkest just before lightning scares the crap out of you."
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@ ricekila where can I find the owl picture?

East of the moon  West of the sun
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Since my husband is in a nursing home, I travel alone when I travel at all.
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@ Owl,  

@ ricekila where can I find the owl picture?
Right click the picture and then click "save picture as"  it should go to your picture file on your computor.  Or someting like that, depending on your operating system. I already saved it. I can just imagine one of our members-she-crocheting a little tiny hat.

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If you right click the photo, then click on 'properties' in the pop up menu, you will also see the URL of the photograph, if you wish to go to the site.

"It's always darkest just before lightning scares the crap out of you."
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I live alone in my van. Lately, I have gotten to know someone from out of state so I have a couple choices: get a proper RV or go get an apartment... It'll be really cold where she is... and I do want to make her happy with my cooking so a good kitchen is finally a must... hmmm...
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I wouldn't mind traveling with my girl friend (as opposed to my girlfriend.) She has the same interest and we get along well. I am in a mini so we would need to go somewhat bigger but still want stealth. Problem is, she has Crones disease. It's fairly under control BUT...when she breaks wind...Have you ever fell through an out house. I convinced her to light one of those bomb blast one night (she a great sport) at a get together in my house. The ensuing fireball set off the smoke detector. I'll travel single thank you.
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