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Are most traveling alone?
I imagine when I go full time it will be solo. I take off alone a lot now, so will not be a big deal. I like my solitude. And then, sometimes I do like to be around people in short spurts. But I like being able to decide how long to be social instead of waiting on another person to be able to leave. Having someone there all the time would drive me bonkers, I like my space. I like my kind of music. I like quiet when I want it. I like my kind of movie. I like not cooking when I feel like it. I like writing without interruption. I like having stuff put in it's place and my space being uncluttered. I like not having a spotlight on me when I need to go to the bathroom. Sometimes people just talk to much and it wears on me.

I sound like a selfish chick, so be it. Smile
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Read ITS JUST A F***ING DATE book recently. It gets you out of the mindset that you think you need to find the perfect person, looking for the perfect you. No one can do that, and you will not find that. ---- Instead just find interesting people to meet and see if magic will happen. Stop putting pressure in yourself to be what they want. But don't try to share everything. That's not dishonest. That's sensible, as everyone has privacy about some things .
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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Just go to san diego, tons of woman and people who live in Vans. I was amazed at how normal it was. Didnt even phase anyone.
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(01-25-2012, 08:22 AM)Mikelgiles Wrote: After looking around at the forums I get the feeling that a large percentage are lone travelers.  Am I correct about that?  And if so why?  Is it pretty hard to find couples that both have a interest in this kind of lifestyle?   I am currently not on the road but really have a desire to be.  The wife is not even close to 'wanting' to be on the road and I am not even sure she would follow me there ( guess I will find that out soon enough).

The questions that I have are:

Is the community mostly single travelers?

What is the reason?

Is it really hard for a long time couple to have the same tdesires for this kind of life?

I am  single women by choice and love to travel alone.If   I want to stop and see something  I can. if I want to stop and nap I can. but I love knowing that soon I will be meeting up with friends in many different places and look forward to that time most likely meet more new friends maybe stay awhile and move on.The reason for me  I want to see other places  and though the friends you learn new places. I just think I have gypsy feet and mind.For me I have very little stress and I like it that way. Same way when I come home to Seattle It is so glad to see my family and friends but I get so excited when I know I'm going. The dog and I are on the road and I start signing ( on the road again ) I noticed last time Chewy my fur child  covered his ears......but being the smart dog he is he never said a word ( LOL) see you down the road....
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