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welcome travel companions to California from Florida but in no hurry
I am leaving South Florida West Palm Beach area about Dec 1st in a
Ford wheel chair van that is rather deluxe but no kitchen and no potty.

I hope to stop in the Tampa area, Pan Handle Florida, Alabama, Memphis,
St. Louis, Kansas City MO, and any interesting points along the way.

If I see a folk music or bluegrass music festival, I would want to stop.

I dream of going to Burning man or related places but I have no money
and my credit rating is not 810 but near zero as I just now got my first '
loan since 1975 and bought a van which I hope to pick up and tow home
from St. Louis.

I am into square dancing but I am a klutz. I would love to do Tai Chi.

What I do well is fix things and solve problems. I also give a good massage
and enjoy getting them.

I am looking for a tow dolly with surge brakes and will try and purchase one
on this trip to bring home my new van. Actually I have two in Missouri
and need to get both home. One drives and one needs a spark plug
re-installed after it blew out of a 2000 Ford E-350 5.4L engine. I am told that
the proper kit costs $425+ and that the Ford endorsed tool kit costs twice that
or more ... to install a $3-5 part. The other solution is to tear apart the engine
and do the job in a more convenient way ... but that is more money for parts
and 16-24 hours labor. I can just see tearing an engine apart getting worse
and worse and more expensive as you go. I drove that van 200 miles around
the Kansas City St. Joseph area and was very pleased then ... 6 miles into my
trip home the engine puked out a plug.

I mentioned massage ... normally I travel with a massage table and I also do
"Myotherapy" treatments as taught by in her very
similar books "Myotherapy" and "Pain Erasure". I have found nothing that
could relieve my chronic back pain and totally remove it as did "Myotherapy".
Thank you Bonnie.

I also enjoy playing chess, checkers, games of chance and skill.

I am into gardening where ever I go. I gladly earn money as I travel fixing cars, computers and doing handyman work. I am pushing 70 real hard so I move slower, but I do most things very well the first time.

In case anyone wonders, I am NOT looking for a sex partner. I am in a very long term relationship that started 50 years ago and is going strong ... some days her words are stronger than on other days. Today she was really upset with me because I turned down $2000 for a non working Camry but the guy called up
an hour later and upped his offer to $2250 and that was enough to make me happy.
He saw me working in it and wanted to buy it.

I have in the Hemet California area an old non working 79 Ford E 150 that I have been using for storage. It has the esteemed 302 v8. I want $600 but I am flexible. I have 3 vans to bring home and I need the space. I have it almost empty now
so it can find a new home. It has been a great storage shed - totally dry for 10 years. I want to keep the Castro convertible rear seat/Bed. The driver's seat is
also a Castro Convertible. It was great in its day but now all vans have nice seats.

My first van was a 1975 GMC that I purchased brand new for $3795. This last van I purchased was lots more than that and very very used. Crazy how our $$$ are now worth so little.

Bobby Ray looking for friends and work as I travel. text me 772-675-5035
or 256 346-8331
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Wow, you're a busy guy! I just want to welcome you to the forums. Read through the Tips and Tricks link when you get a chance.

I'm a little confused about your route. Are you going all the way to California on this trip or will you be picking up the van in St. Louis and heading back to Florida? Keep us all posted on your route as you travel so that people can arrange a meet up or join you for a while on the road.
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