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Bob's website is cited for best free living site on the web
For the past few days I have been perusing the blogs of travelers..mostly in vans, which is what we will be doing again soon.
To my happy surprise, 8 out of 10 of them gave as a reference THIS website for information about everything pertaining to living free in vehicles. Most of them listed this website with a link as well.
We've been off the road for awhile and going back soon..but were full timers for 30 years starting in 1977. Back then word of mouth from other travelers was all the information we could get about where to stay, how to do it all and what to avoid.
Now, Bob's website is THE website for information.
I have sent it to a couple of friends contemplating a break from society and getting out there.
I don't know Bob, learned about this website from a friend who mailed me the Harper's magazine story about living free. I think Bob is brilliant in his sharing of information, and creating a space where everyone can share information for those who need it everywhere.
One day we hope to meet some of the VanDwellers..and get what advice we can about space in a van, packing the van etc. We see this as a Movement to free life off the grid these days.
In the 'olden' days we didn't want anyone to know how great living on the road a million people wouldn't hit the road. Well they did anyway..but there is still the NS migration from 'home to RV park' thing going on. We tried that and were never so bored or bothered!

We are just waiting for one passport and a couple of small things to clear up so we can get to where we want to be. Getting closer!

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Full timers for 30 years! I bet you have a few tales to tell...
Paperback and Kindle of my husband's, about vehicles we've lived in:
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