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Van Dimensions Sticky
Any dimensions on a Savana passenger van? That's the van I'm after.
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I was curious, too, see if this helps
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If the Savana passenger van is the GMC that I think it is, the dimensions should be the same as Chevy/GMC cargo vans.

Post #9 from this thread:


Also here on Adrian steel site:

 @jancarol      Hope that helps
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For those using SketchUp, some vans have reasonable 3D models
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D'oh! why do I always read 'Savanna' as 'Safari?' jeez, I'm no help at all  Blush

How come none of the Grand caravan owners have supplied dimensions? C'mon guys, post it up
Or did I miss that?
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Hey BOB!  Remake this a sticky please?  Took me for-evah to find it (yes with search!)

Here's a link to Vehicle Layout Guides

Covers Vehicle Type
Ford Transit (3) Ford Transit Connect 2014 & Up (2) GM Express / Savana (2) Dodge RAM ProMaster (4) Dodge RAM ProMaster City (1) Dodge RAM C/V (1) Chevrolet City Express (1) Mercedes Metris (1) Sprinter (2) Nissan NV (1) Nissan NV200 (1)
118" Wheelbase (1) 136" Wheelbase (1) 159" Wheelbase (2) 130" Wheelbase (1) 135" Regular Wheelbase (1) 148" Extended Wheelbase (1) 148" Wheelbase (1) 155" Extended Wheelbase (1) 170" Extended Wheelbase (1) 170" Wheelbase (1) Long Wheelbase  (2) Short Wheelbase  (1)
Roof Type
High Roof  (8) Low Roof (5) Medium Roof (2)

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Anyone have roof dimensions? Specifically interested in the Chevy Express/GMC Savana and E150, E250, E350 models
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Thanks, Bob. Great help for us who measure things off in real feet, as in L and R!

Here's a document (11 pages of tables, diagrams and text) that compares dimensions and capacities of  Dodge Sprinter van models. The small print says:

1995-2005 DaimlerChrysler  

so its probably a 2005 document but since so many people are looking at older used Sprinters, it can help. It helped me, anyway, because I needed to get a concise comparison.
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(10-07-2015, 01:36 PM)accrete Wrote: Ford full size Transit...

The LWB-E HR is our current top pick for Van V2.0 with about 14ft of floor space behind the seats.
We will be putting our current AWD van conversion up for sale at some point as we just need a wee bit more room now that we sold our tiny 15ft fiberglass trailer we were towing behind the van.

: ) Thom

Thanks for the dimensions post on the Transit.  I have put this one back into consideration (planning a build for the first time!) since I want a gas engine, taller roofline; it also looks to be bigger than the Chevy Express / GMC Savana I had been considering.  The Chevy would require a high top installation to be tall enough for me to stand in (an important consideration for me) but adding one is SO expensive!  Since this post is older, have  you completed your Transit build? Have you been happy with the vehicle?
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Here is from the same aCAD files as posted earlier for Nissan NV (3500) high roof; EXCEPT they have 66 inches tall on the drawing, and it is 76 inches tall on the inside (with naked floor and roof.) I get my bulkhead partition next week and will then do a thorough correction if required (not including low top NV measurements, which should vary in tallness only.)
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