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(11-22-2014, 09:07 PM)LucyImHome Wrote: Bob is a STAR!!!

Does this mean that we all have to chip in to buy Bob one of those chairs with his name on it, like all the other stars use on Hollywood sets?Big Grin

Good movie.


Life is not about discovering yourself.  Life is about creating yourself!

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I enjoyed watching this documentary on the ideology behind vandwelling, the characters where likable, focussing on the positive, on sunny days, in idealic environments, last night the evening news did a piece on an urban vandweller, while filming(or outing without their permission) a whole bunch of others parked all over the city, he went on about how many were doing it, how great it was, running water, money saved, small footprint etc..etc.. maybe it's just me but for a stealth alternative lifestyle, all this publicity makes me nervous...?? Some people might get the idea that this lifestyle is a walk in the park...rainbows and may also educate the authorities and alarm those that don't agree with this way of life into action.
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dustistreet6 (06-14-2016)
I enjoyed it also. Twice! The second time, watched it with DH so he can see for himself the caliber of folks with whom I occasionally get to hang out.

So proud of Bob - what a class act.
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Just watched it, wow was that good!!! I've forwarded it to six different friends, hope it will take root with a few of them.
“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”
~ Auliq Ice
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I watched it also. It was pretty good!

Here's my amateur critique:

1. They needed more stars! 5 people (or groups) isn't a lot to get anyone to want the life style who isn't already thinking about it. It would have been pretty rad were there more people to interview, but I understand any constraints the producer may have been under.

2. Damn these folks look happy, and I will soon be one of them! Can't wait! But they keep reiterating the same things over and over... And no one touched on how they came to obtain these things. Only one of the persons interviewed (the young kid and his girlfriend) seemed to have jumped into the life style without much money to begin with, the rest had some sort of financial push that helped them. Would've been nice to interview the more frgual-from-the-start folks!

3. I was hoping so hard that they would tour the inside of some of these dwellings. If the purpose was to show people that it's possible and how to be happy, I'd like to see how much they live in with their claims. I personally understand the constraints, but many other skeptics would not. But hey, it was good nonetheless!

Great show, Bob, you probably had the best voice of reason. The other guy with Hawaiian shirts tried way hard to make his words sound "awesome", made me chuckle.
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So, other than Bob, who are the others on here?
“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”
~ Auliq Ice
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But I think it was the 'Hawaiian shirt' guy who made the comment about choosing between 'comfort and convenience' and 'freedom', which I personally accept. I'm glad not everyone wants this lifestyle. Boondocking could get a little crowded... Wink
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dustistreet6 (06-14-2016)
He did make many good points! I'm actually glad to see some older generation folk accepting open minded ideals, when they grew up in a time where such ideals would be blasphemy and they would be rejected by damn near everyone. These are the types of folks I want to live around.
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And the Oscar goes to........
Bob, THANKS !!!! Coming to the RTR from Vero Bch. Fla. May never go back.
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Queen - click on the "show more" link above the description of the documentary to see blogs of some of the other people. Interesting reading. :-)
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Queen (11-24-2014)

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