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Traveling alone, ever worry about getting sick?
B&J,great to see you guys back.I guess we all have some problems both mental and physical.Been very lucky with the physical,not so much with the mental.I even voted for Bush the first time.(Hope my little joke wasn't too political)
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(09-12-2015, 07:30 AM)Brian_and_Jesse Wrote: I've been sick *all* my life, and one thing I've learned is that I can be sick or well almost anywhere.
You are right: I can be sick anywhere, also. I am rarely sick, in the accepted meaning.
A more accurate description is reactive: my body's defenses react to toxic chemicals by (in most instances) restricting movement so it doesn't have to work SO hard. My respiratory system is not in good condition, and when I suffer an exposure, it is generally the first system to be affected. My ability to breathe is reduced further than normal. I not only have trouble breathing, I don't think well, don't comprehend, movement is limited. Other mental and physical functions are compromised. Increased drugs help to a degree, as does O2. Depending on a variety of things, those symptoms may last several hours to several days.
Chemicals I am sometimes exposed to cause various body and mental reactions, affecting body systems, causing any number of symptoms.
Due to the prevalence of chemicals in our environment and my reactivity to them, I have been a hermit for about 17 years. Because of the toxic chemicals in personal care, home care, and laundry products, going out was difficult and treacherous. I went only for medical needs and groceries. Sometimes I had to have groceries and meds delivered because I couldn't get out.

If you're stuck at home 'doing nothing,' why would it matter if you're somewhere else?  Perhaps somewhere you would like to be like overlooking the beach or a mountain vista.
By “doing nothing” I mean pretty much exactly that. Sitting, trying to breathe. It is at times difficult to walk across the floor to the kitchen or bath. If I were boondocking or even in a campground and was so compromised, it would be more difficult . There are times that the slightest movement is hard. During such times, taking care of basic needs in a van would be incredibly difficult, if even possible.

I can't carry enough O2 for more than a few days even if I use it at a low dose. I would have no way to get O2, and could not necessarily move from the area if my time were up.
At home I have unlimited O2, a flushable pot, and I don't have to leave because my reservation time ended.

I'm not sure what you do when you're 'doing nothing,' but whether you're watching TV, catching a kip, or reading a good book, you can do ALL of those things snuggled up in your van, trailer, or RV.
Again, sitting, breathing. Even if the symptoms start to dissipate within hours, the results can last longer, and I still have to clean up, neaten up, and freshen up. And that with still restricted breathing and dragging an O2 tank.
When my daughter and I were out for a week in May, I was useless most of the time.

Don't let sickness limit you more than you need to.  
I won't. Changes over the last year+ allow me to work toward a trip. (But today I did write asking for an accommodation so I could attend a certain group. Thanks for your words and support!

Remember, 'Living well is the BEST revenge.'  May God bless you!  
Thanks! Backatcha!
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I just got word that the accommodation I asked for was approved.
I asked for an announcement that people be fragrance free.
It will work via other people's willingness and remembering.
Hopefully people who attend will remember and not apply fragrances.
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Glad to hear it, Ella1! I have similar issues and am glad to hear you've obtained some accomodations for yours that allow you to expand your life a bit. Smile
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(12-09-2014, 08:10 PM)mockturtle Wrote: I actually thought about that but didn't want to say so.  Too sick!  Tongue

Actually, cats will typically eat you within 3 days. Dogs, not so much. That loyalty thing.
It's a small apartment, I've barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends. 
                                                                                            ~ Dorothy Parker
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(12-09-2014, 11:19 AM)Almost There Wrote: A satellite phone is on my solstice gift to me list this year. I'd hesitated to buy one at the $500.00 price tag but I can get a mail in rebate for $250.00 right now. That's an okay price in my mind. The other thing I found when I researched it all is that there are no minute rollover plans available. I can buy a whole years' worth of minutes and not have to worry about using it up every month (like in the winter here).

For others a PLB (personal locator beacon) might suffice (they certainly are less expensive to buy and operate) but I'm just as concerned about the vehicle breaking down 20 miles out beyond cell service as I am about me needing SAR. The satellite phone will allow me to call my road service or a local towing company. Getting them to understand where I am will be the major problem....they don't seem to be using GPS locations yet, they still want a street address....Rolleyes

For city folk it's not necessary to have anything but a cell phone. Here where I live I can be outside all cell service within a 10 minute drive. I like to go out exploring the back roads, those 2 wheel tracks are only an invitation in my  mind to go see where they lead...Smile

I am old fashion, where can I go for a 10 minute drive and be out of cell phone range, location &/or cordinates?
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Haha, since I wrote that about being able to go 10  minutes and be out of cell range, I  moved from northern Ontario to central BC and now I can be sitting in a  perfectly nice free campsite and have no cell coverage. Don't even have to go out cruising the back roads.... Rolleyes

Come to British Columbia next summer and I'll show you four thousand and one places you can go within minutes of a highway and have no connection..... Big Grin Big Grin Tongue
Worry is a misuse of imagination!
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Full-timer again as of November 24, 2015 - 14 glorious years on the road before that!

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(08-10-2015, 09:37 PM)bobj Wrote: 66788 is spot on, today was my appt day with my VA shrink. Besides all the psychobabble and discussion of the mind altering drugs I take was the question about what I feel about dying. Best answer I could give her was I am ambivalent about dying. I've come close several times so it's not a new thing and it's not something I worry about. I stopped on the way home and paid a bill and decided to take the back streets and avoid the mess on the highway. At the first red light I came to a young girl, about 17, ran a red light and got t-boned. Her passenger died, also about 17. I am sure dying was the last thing on her mind but her time was up. I am not making light of it in any way but dying, is in fact a part of life.

Travel Safe, Bob J.

I use to worry about dying a lot when I as younger. I'm almost 62 and don't think about it. I'm in pretty good health except for my back.
 Keep close to Nature’s heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.-John Muir 
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