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Snowflake photography
I shoot all kinds of photography but macro is my specialty. Last year I saw a book on snowflakes and just had to give it a shot.

[Image: 002-1.jpg~original]

[Image: 010.jpg~original]

[Image: 004-1.jpg~original]

[Image: 8f20d45d-5d36-499a-8f47-2931cbf850fe.jpg~original]

Someday I hope to take to the road and shoot flakes from all over. Some of the best in the world fall in the U.P. of my home state Michigan.
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They're beautiful! How many snowflakes did you have to catch to get such perfect ones? I like whatever you did to get the northern lights effect in the background.
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I shot hundreds but I was also developing the techniques and settings. It takes a while when you can only handle shooting for 30 minutes before the sub zero weather gets to be too much. I stayed out too long one time and my shoes froze to the deck.

I use back lite stained glass to shoot the flakes on. These are all on the same piece of iridescent glass that changes appearance as the lighting does. What looks like dust is actually what is in the glass to give it that appearance and takes hours of cloning to remove from each shot.
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And I hate snow, so that's saying a lot.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

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Very nice! And no two are alike, ever, I know, I checked
Luis F
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This is awesome!
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That is so beautiful!!! It would be cool to do a photo book of flakes from different places Smile
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I am truly impressed those pics are awesome. mother nature is so amazing. highdesertranger
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You are very talented.
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Thank you all, you are very generous.

You can go to you tube and see snowflake shots from those that have done it longer and with better gear. Their work really puts mine to shame.
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