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Snowflake photography
Wow, just your short post makes me want to respond to so much.

Finding your photography on the web
We used to use the website that could locate the same photo out on the web. We would upload our photo, then it would search the web for the same photo. It was very useful when your photo was picked up by the wire services, such as AP (Associated Press). We knew when the AP picked up a photo because it would be posted on the service and you would be paid for the Rights. But you never knew who or what publications where using your photo from AP. We would use the photo finding website to see where your photo was running. We would also use google alerts to see if your “credit” ran somewhere.

I've been published allover the world, including the Washington Post, Miami Herald, New York Times, Science Christian Monitor, an Francisco Canonical, even ABC News. I wouldn't know about half of them if it wasn't for tineye and google alerts

If any of you use tineye and find someone is using your photography I encourage you to contact the source to see if they would like to pay you for the use of your photo and purchase Rights from you.

Olympus makes great cameras. We had to buy our own gear, accept for some very expensive pool lenses (300mm f2.8) So I shot with Nikon. But that backpack with two bodies, lenses and two speedlights came in at 60 to 80 pounds. The camera I used for personal use and hiking was four thirds. Olympus E300 and two lenses along with a Lumix LX1 with a Leica lens. Much smaller and easier to carry.

At the risk of turning your hobby into a job, could I be so bold to suggest you are already an accomplished macro photographer, so why shoot weddings? I'm done as a photographer, I'm 100 percent disabled and sold or gave away all my pro gear. But I'd like to share an idea I had regarding macro photography.

Macro business
If your in one place (living) you could start an on-line mail order macro photography business. Companies and people could mail you their products (insured if needed) and you shoot them. Send them some small, low resolution proofs to see if the like it. Get paid and mail the products back.

If your boondocking, you could start an “on location” macro photography business. By showing up at the office, warehouse or manufacturing plant you could save clients a lot of money and time that would normally go to a studio,,, if they can even find a photographer in their city that can shoot macro. Let your clients dictate your travel plans,,, and pay you for it. They need rush service or for you to go out of your way?,,, prices just doubled.

DIY macro lighting
Everyone has a cmera now days, lighting is what will set you apart from the crowd. The photos below are macro photography I did using a DIY lighting setup I came up with. I used some audio fiber optic cable I purchased at a big box home improvement store. I cut it into three equal lengths. Took a speedlight (flash) and a speedlight hood and glued a piece of black plastic over the front. Then drilled three holes and inserted the three fiber optic cables. Finally I used locking zip ties on the front and back side of the optic cables so they would stay in place. Be sure not to get any glue on the bottom the flash hood so you can take it off and use your speedlight normally. Now you have three lights (cables) you can use for macro photography. If you want to see where your lights are shinning put a flashlight in the hood, it will also light up the optics cables, then replace the flash when your ready to shoot.

The setup below is on location shooting a Bic Razor, reverse mount Nikkor 50mm f1.8. The other two, a dandelion and an IBM Select typewriter head reverse mount Nikkor 24mm f2.8, where shot in my home. But all used the same fiber optic lighting setup I put together. Photos have been scrubbed clean of all meta data using xnview.

Please excuse any typos and grammar – brain injury. Thanks … sorry for being so long.



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Ballenxj (11-27-2017), jimindenver (01-14-2015)

Thank you for your post and generosity. My head has been swimming all night. I have been looking for something as I slowly wind down our 30 year old company.

The thought that someone would send me something in the mail for me to shoot and pay me to feed my macro addiction simply sounds too good to be true. Get paid to travel and shoot, even better. There is more than enough room in the trailer for a dedicated macro studio.

I've always felt guilty that I was not taking portrait classes or buying a better wedding rig. I guess I'd better read up on product shooting.

I will be spending some time on tineye. Big thank you there.

I like the fiber optic set up. I'm known for the Foam ring flash. Basically a FL 20 fired into a small foam ring at the tip of the lens. It's the only thing that can provide frontal illumination with the 35mm's short working distance. I was in talks with Oly to convert the concept to fiber optic driven by the pop up flash but eventually they went with a LED on a stalk for the m4/3's line up. (yes that is how close I get to bugs to shoot)

[Image: cam1.jpg]

I do like the even lighting of your set up.

A E 300 really? I still have a E 300, and a 330, a E 3 and E 5. I started with Oly back in the 80's with a OM-G and will put it's OM 50mm f 1.8 on the 300 for some old school manual shooting. Very relaxing. My lenses range from 7mm to 1000mm, they are a blast. I try to keep my travel pack down to 25 lbs.

Again, thank you so much.

So for a bit of fun. These are test shots, not brilliant but fun.

This is a Spinx moth. Notice the size of the eye.

[Image: P6236332.jpg]

I saved it for winter shooting but it dried up and fell apart so I shot just the eye. Notice the size of the lenses in the eye.

[Image: lighttesteye.jpg]

Then I got bored and decided to shoot the lenses. I don't have a proper stand so I did the best I could at this magnification.

[Image: 26singleshoteye.jpg]

These are the scales on its wing.

[Image: 27sinshwing.jpg]

Hope I'm not boring you all. Thanks for looking.
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It is pretty amazing what even a pocket camera can do these days. Here are a couple taken with my little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 (three years old). Lowest resolution (.3mb) since it is just an example of magnification and focus, closest it will get in Macro Zoom.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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You are right.

When people ask me what is the most important thing to have to shoot macro, I say the desire. Most cell phones and point and shoot either have a macro mode or if that isn't close enough, there is enough resolution to crop into the shot afterwards.
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Never occurred to me that I could shoot at 15mb resolution and then crop to increase the apparent magnification. Asleep at the wheel again!

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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Y'all are setting the bar pretty high! Don't do much macro, but I play around with it a bit. Use extension tubes and an old Nikon 35-70 zoom lens.


No special lighting equipment - just Photogenic flash heads.

The photo above is macro - a portion of a small pocket watch.


True macro is 1:1 or better. The subject is smaller than the sensor size, in essence. So if you were shooting with a full frame camera, the subject would smaller than a 35mm frame, but fill up the image.

Cropping to increase perceived magnification is not the same thing.

Outside case of same watch


Just piddling around one day
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I was never aware of the definition of macro (it's always good to learn at least one thing a day) and have no idea what the dimensions of the sensor in my camera are but I guess I'm more interested in the image anyway. With that in mind, I'm fine with labeling my efforts "Faux Macro".

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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Clean, sharp, even, I like it.

I understand what you are saying and at one time my signature read If you are cropping, you need a better lens. In the Weekly Close up I did ask that people let us know what gear and if they were cropping but then again it was a close up thread, not macro. I watched many start with close ups and cropping and progress into true macro over time. It still takes good DOF control and placement to get a good shot however you get it.
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Jim, you are obviously an accomplished macro photographer. I had no idea, and my hat is off to you. Cool 
light trip Wrote:If any of you use tineye and find someone is using your photography I encourage you to contact the source to see if they would like to pay you for the use of your photo and purchase Rights from you.
Heh, I once found a member of another forum I frequent using one of my photos as his avatar. I thanked him for thinking enough of my work to use it in that manner, showed him proof of my ownership while asking where he got it? He said it was the best one of that type he found on Pinterest?
I was totally blown away that there is a site out there that just takes peoples work, and offers it willy nilly for free? Dodgy
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

Anything you post on the net is up for grabs anymore. I would imagine they mine photobucket regular like.
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