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Dealing with debilitating injury
i was visiting mom and leaned close to her light to identify a gift for her, and it happened. back went out. it got worse to the point i couldnt even walk to the bathroom by myself. ive missed 2 days of work on a holiday week which is bad. One good thing is im with family who can help. if i was in my van near work i would be screwed. no way i could get in or out or drive. makes me a little scared to go back 'home' once i get healed up, what if i relapse? :/
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Man that suks but that is my life as I know it. I just remember that old joke. " I told the doctor that it hurts when I do this". He said " well don't do that " I don't get a lot done but I am unable to get much done anyway.
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Muscle spasm or other? Do you know? I get a muscle lock up on occasion that drops me like a rock. I take a very mild muscle relaxant. If it's disc, bone or other things I have no clue. I wish you well.
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muscle spasm but someone suggested they could be triggered by a disk slipping and putting pressure on a nerve...the muscles try to lock up to compensate. ive gone to doc in past they just give me muscle relaxer too, never try to find out root cause. the relaxer didnt seem to help much this time, it spasmed anyway...pretty bad too. im starting to recover , i can go to bathroom by myself, it feels like i ran a marathon just going that far. legs shaky.
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I've had similar back problems in the past. In my case, at least, it didn't go away or get better by itself. I needed several adjustments by a good chiropractor. Good as new after that. Good luck.


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Chiropractor ? Sure they can be quacks. But you have to find the best one. No idea what to look for.
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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in this light, i wonder what vehicle would make it easier, my van is so high of a step up. good for tall guy in good health but now..i dunno. maybe back to a minivan?
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Find it interesting that more attention is not paid to living well in mobile lifestyle, with a debilitating injury. When you reach 55 plus, it's not "if" but it is "when". It will happen and you will not recover so easy. Do you end up on state-federal income assistance? Or do you make do and deal with injuries? What are the limits?
Cool “Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King in his novel Shawshank Redemption
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I have a cheap plastic step that will hold 300 lbs. that I bought as my van is high off the ground. It also serves other purposes like a footrest for when my passenger seat is swiveled around, adjusting my awning when it won't close right, etc, etc.

My back doesn't like me climbing in and out of my van for long without a step.

There are steps that also fold up for storage but they were more than I wanted to spend. When storing mine, I just turn it upside down and put stuff in it.

Hope that you feel better soon!
Have a great day!

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20+ some years ago, I really clobbered my back. I ended up confined to my bed for a month and a half. (not good when you're only in your late 20's)

I completely blew a disk out. They wanted to do a cage in my back...but those were still kinda new just yet, and I'd heard others having issues with ' no thanks!!

What was my other option???

Take better care of myself.

There are these wonderful groomed walking trails around this lake out here. Like a little old man, I'd hobble around the lake with my cane. Then I got up to 2 laps. Then I could eventually walk one with the cane. and one without. By the end of the year, I was sprinting 2 laps around it full steam. (right around 3.5 miles...and a lot of hills too.)

Now, in my 50's, I play racketball at the health club, and I walk to work everyday. (unless it's raining sideways.) I have to bend over quite a bit in my work, and that old back injury still likes to show itself, but as long as I'm taking care of myself, keeping myself in check, and watching how I lift and bend my body, (which is what sets it off)...I can usually work through it in a day or so.

I'm sure being stooped over living in a van is hard on a this is all the more TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. It's the only one you get!! Get out and get some exercise. Get the blood circulating. Move your body around (and not just to grab another bag of chips!!) Walking and swimming is excellent!! Big Grin

I'll bet you can work your way through this, but much like your gotta maintain your body.

Hope your feel better brother!!
"Good Times & Good Friends Make Life Better!" Big Grin
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