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Dealing with debilitating injury
I took some flexeril i had from a previous visit the first day, didnt help much. They are gone and unless this keeps up too long i dont plan to go to the doc. All they do is churn out meds and do costly tests that never tell me anything. bah humbug on that Big Grin
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I hope you will be feeling well soon Dazar! I have had some back problems myself and it's no fun.

Here's to a better New Year for you!!!!
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There are good chiropractors, but I put my faith in Physical Therapists. Chiros have hurt me, Therapists have only helped.
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thanks! stiff but no spasms for 2 days, im sorta stooped and slow but im movin Big Grin
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How is your back doing? It takes awhile to heal, you may have pulled some muscles. Let it heal for a couple of months. What happens as we get older our back muscles get weak then one day we bend over and the muscles can't take it because there is not enough strength in them. After your back heals you need to do stretching and strengthening exercises. This helps my back a lot. And a visit to the chiropractor would also be a good idea. Where i'm at now it is about $65 for one visit to chiropractor. Last spring I had to go to see him my back was so painful I could hardly do anything, 3 visits and I was doing great.

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we postedaround the same time, see above for how its doin Smile im pretty fat so, thats prolly a big part of it. ive lost like 6 poundss tho in the last month or so so im working on it.
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Glad to hear you're doing better. I 2nd finding a good PT, although a bad one can also do damage. If you can afford it, a PT can help your strengthen your core muscles with a pace that shouldn't cause you to rebound. They will make sure you are doing the exercises with the correct form and customize a program for you. If you can't afford it, you can look up exercises online or get books from library. Just remember to go slow.

Try to remember to use good posture when walking, driving, etc. I have found that associating reminding myself to check my posture with random daily activities has helped me. Like when I brush my teeth, or stopped at a stop light in the car, or while doing dishes I remember to self check my posture. Before it became second nature to do these checks I would post little postits on the bathroom mirror, the steering wheel and the window in front of the sink. Now just doing those activities usually is enough to trigger me to check my posture without the stickies.

Sounds like resting in bed has got your creative juices flowing(I saw your shower thread earlier)...
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#28 work but dont want to drive long distances so im bored lol
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For muscle pain in your back, try laying down on your back on a firm surface. Rest both legs on a pile of pillows, a box or a chair. You want to make as close to a 90 degree angle with your legs as you can. Put you arms out to the side in a comfortable position but no higher than your shoulders. Lay there for 5 minutes, but not longer. You can build up to 10 minutes slowly. You can do this every day if you like and will relax your back. Make sure that when you get up you roll over on your side and push up with your hands to a sitting position so as not to stress you back.

Hope this helps.
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Martin, is your van high enough that you can stand up in it?  I suspect that spending lots of time in a van where you can't stand up straight is bad for the back.  I used to work with a young woman, 30 or so, who was fat and had a large belly that stuck out as if she was pregnant.  She had her spine fused.  The doctors who were involved with it should all lose their licenses.  She needed to lose 100 pounds and get in better shape, not have her spine fused.  I'm 67 and my back is great.  I think it's because I stretch a lot, and am lucky.  I do the stretching routine we did when I was in track in high school.  I need to lose 50 pounds, as I'm now at 200.  When I'm around 150 I feel a whole lot better.  I have every size jeans from 32 to 40.

So my advice is lose weight, exercise, and stretch (being very careful).  Good luck!
Its better to learn to live cheap, than it is to work and save enough money so you don't have to.
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